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One Direction School Supplies Let You Take The Guys To Class

Updated on August 12, 2013

Buy One Direction School Supplies & Take One D To School With You!

If you're a big fan of Harry and the rest of the 1D guys, you don't have to leave them at home when you go off to school in the morning. Instead, brighten up your school day by bringing the guys of One D with you! It's what I like to do!

And I'm not talking about those One D dolls either. You can get some legit school supplies that have the guys from One D on them. I've never seen a better excuse for spending your class period staring at some hotties.

So, there are some pretty cool and unique things for school that I have found here. If you want to get the full details on all this awesomeness, just keep reading. I have only listed the best of the best items, so check them out down below.

all images via Amazon/One Direction

One Direction Pencil Cases

Buy 1D Pencil Cases For Your Pens & Pencils!

If you carry a lot of pens and pencils for class, then a One D pencil case is just what you need to stay organized. It gives you an easy way to keep track of all your writing instruments while checking out the cute guys of One D. This is a must have for any 1D fan.

What I love about the pencil case is that you can take all the pencils out and turn it into a small makeup case!

You have to admit it, these pencil cases are actually pretty cool. I do not normally carry my pens and pencils in a little case like this, but seeing how awesome these look - it really makes me want to start doing so, right? And I wonder if you could use one of these as a camera case if you took out all the pens and pencils? I might try it.

One Direction Cell Phones Cases & Covers - Buy 1D Cell Phone Cases & Covers!

If your school lets you take cell phones to class, then that is just another thing you can cover with a picture of the guys from 1D. If you're like me, you already have a picture of them as the background wallpaper on your phone. Well, now you can cover the outside of the phone with those 1D cuties as well.

These are probably the coolest One D things that I have ever come across. And I look at a LOT of the One D fan stuff that is available, but these are by far my fave items.

One Direction Pencils & Pens - Buy 1D Pencils & Pens for School!

What could be better than carrying your pencils and pens to school in a 1D pencil case? I'll tell you what - One D pens and pencils! That's right, you can do all of your homework and test taking with pencils and pens adorned with the hot faces of the guys from 1D! What are you waiting for? Harry, Zayn and the rest of the guys are waiting to do their homework with you!

You can even get a One Direction eraser. How awesome is that?

So, what are you waiting for? This is a super duper cheap way to add more of the guys cute faces to your school days. And really, who would not want more of that? School is so boring and staring at their faces is a great way to pass the time in class, right? Right!

One Direction Notebooks - Buy 1D Notebooks for School

My favorite 1D school supply item is the One D notebook. There are several different options available - each with its own super hot photo of the guys on the cover. I suggest you get them all like I did. You can stare that the covers and daydream for your entire class period.

One Direction Backpacks and Bags - Buy 1D Backpacks & Bags for School!

Now that you have all those cool 1D school supplies, what are you going to do with them? Why not carry them to school in a cool One D backpack or messenger bag? And just think, you'll bring a little joy to everyone who walks behind you and sees their cute faces on your school bag.

One Direction Lunch Bag & Water Bottle

Buy 1D Lunch Bag & Water Bottle!

Class doesn't have to be the only time you get to see those hotties from One D. In fact, you can take them to lunch with you! All you need is this cool One D lunch bag and maybe this One D water bottle. And that's pretty much everything you need to have lunch with 1D.

One Direction Cosmetic Pouch

Buy 1D Cosmetic Pouch For Your Makeup!

If you carry your makeup with you to school, then get rid of your current cosmetic bag! You need to get one of these One D cosmetic pouches now! Harry and the rest of the guys can keep all of your makeup safe in this little makeup bag. As you're using it when you get ready, you can imagine them singing "That's what makes you beautiful..." to you.

One Direction Key Chains

Buy 1D Key Chains!

If you need to carry keys to school, then what better keychain than one with the guys from One D on it! There are a few different ones available, so be sure to look through them before deciding which on you want. Or, be like me and buy more than one! But it does make your keys heavy! Of course, you do not have to put keys on them. I have some tacked up on my wall and some clipped to my backpack. Pretty cool, eh?

More Cool One D Stuff from Amazon

If you already have all of the items listed up above, or just do not want to buy any of those things right now, then I still might be able to help you out. You see, Amazon has an amazing selection of items featuring the 1D guys. And you can view those items right here on this page. Just use the nifty search box below to look for all the things that you need to buy with Harry and the rest of the guys on them. Once you find something, just click on the item to be taken directly to the product detail page where you can get the full 411 on it.

If so, let me know which ones! And how they are working out for you!

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