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Online Bullying also known as Cyberbullying the Dark side of Social Networking

Updated on December 1, 2014

CyberBullying - Bullying Online

How to deal with horrible and plain mean people online -Ignore them! Block them and totally ignore them. Easier said than done, as human nature wants us to find out what they are saying about us, but honestly that is what is feeding them. End it, by limiting their contact with you. Cyber bullying online the new age way for bullies to exercise their power over their victims. To try to make them feel better?

My daughter has had to deal with online trolls and bullies, resulting in police involvement, and even I have had to deal with online bullies. I am an adult who works online and have fallen victim to the plain horrible person. You know those people who are just horrible, they pounce and troll on your work and posts, make snarky comments directed at you, and actually after some time can start to have negative effect on your productivity. once may be a one off, But when others start to notice it too, then it is indeed a problem.

This type of behavior fascinates me. I really want to understand why someone want to behave in this manner. I will spend this negativity they project towards me and use in a positive.

I also like to stand up to Bullies, and they picked on the wrong person this time.

But the reason I write this is for all the people who have NOT spoken out about their suffering at the hands of the faceless Internet bully. and who suffer in silence,

Not only reserved for kids and teens online Cyber bullying is a massive Growing concern, and In todays world bullying online and cyberbullying is as very real as physical and emotional bullying. Gone are the days of the playground bully, now we have sophisticated ways that the bullies use to make their victims suffer. To me it is disgusting, and I want those who are suffering from bullying online to feel empowered. And face their Bully. Stand up and say I do not have the problem you do.

Not to suffer in silence. and be left upset and hurt by the bullies words they write intended to do nothing but sabotage and demean you online.

My motto is "I may play the fool but do not ever treat me as a fool"

**This page will be a continuing work in progress as I investigate Online Bullying further, I believe this to be a huge problem, and many do and continue to suffer in silence, or put up with it. ***

Are you being bullied online (Survey )

Have you been bullied online via social media

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The Faceless Bully

It is time to stop and take action against the Cyber bullies

Why I recommend this Book they say:Each chapter features the seminal case and resulting decision, asks readers whether they agree with the decision, and urges them to think about how the decision affects their lives. Chapters also include related cases, important facts and statistics, and suggestions for further reading. With an ever-increasing number of serious cases of cyberbullying and school violence, this book is needed more urgently than ever.

Online Bullies and cyberbullying

Online Bullies and cyberbullying

These people the cyber bullies are nothing, they make and take great pleasure out of you feeling upset, when really it is the bully that needs the help.

They are the ones with issues.

I have witnessed many an occasion where I have seen an exchange between 2 people and the cyber bullies response is nothing more than spite filled jealousy, to make the original poster or the one they are talking about try to look bad and them look great (do they not know it just makes them look stupid?)

they seem to get away with it time and time again, until they pick on the wrong one. I do not and will not tolerate bullies.

However a recent event online made me say enough was enough, the response of support into my email box was enough for me to realize this has went on long enough. and something needs to be done, If it is happening to me and other people have noticed it THEN it is a problem, that person has a problem, obviously not just with me.

This was lovely that people thought so upset too and sent me their support but it also pointed out how cyberbullys get away with it time and time again. That people do indeed see what is going on online and stand back, and do nothing publicly letting the bully go on and on and on.

Picture Credit: Make your own Posters

Online Bullying - Has it happened to you?

Bullies online intimidate, harrass, embarrass, and offend others

Have you been bullied online?

See results
Are you a bully
Are you a bully

Classic online bullying tactics

Bullying in forums and online communities

Trying to put you down in front of your peers by saying "I have been here longer than you"


I go by results not who has been here that long and is getting that upset when little whipper snappers like myself and others outrank them - thats jealousy. and seen as quite sad and desperate attempt to hold on to their failing grasps of whatever imaginary authority they think they have?

Being so bitter, that they think every post is about them even although there are several participants within that same post

Publicly ignoring your contributions

Answering directly after you with contradicting posts and leaving sharp messages in response.

Actually calling you out by name in forum posts?

Posting subliminal messages aimed at YOU.

what you have to remember is these poor people obviously have issues, and going straight back at them is a waste of energy, a simple answer and short response is usually enough, one that really winds them up is

"your comments are noted"

Best left at that, if not then you are in danger of becoming the bully

Seth Godin the owner of Squidoo wrote a very short post about this situation Bully victim Cycle

Buy This at


Cyberbullying- What to do

Do not stand by

what you need to know:

Learn how to track an IP address and preserve evidence. And make sure that you issue your subpoenas in the form they need, using your time zone for tracking the dynamic IP addresses of record. Many ISPs discard the subscriber/IP data after a week to thirty day period. So time is crucial. If you need to get your paperwork together, send them a quick note asking them to preserve the records pending your formal subpoena. They will usually do this on a less formal request on law enforcement letterhead.

Using Google to help you you can find all the information you need!

I have also came across others pages about similar examples of online bullying by adults, so we know it IS a problem, so how do we deal with it.

Fortunately for us there are ways to get all little bits of information from the Internet. and this prompted me to use the negative energy I had and search for all the evidence I needed. Every little bit of negativity, is now collected in a neat little bundle.

you see sometimes it is not enough to confront the bully. No they will just move onto the next victim who is then as shocked as the person before and so the cycle continues.

I took all the evidence I had collected and sent a note of mention to Head Office of the governing body of where the online bullying happened. I have asked that this be noted. And informed them of the ongoing situation and that they appreciate that if another incident was to happen I will indeed take further action against that said person. Note how I said that person.

So how do you do that? well there has recently been some groundbreaking court cases that do indeed highlight the "Internet bulling" or "cyberbullying" luckily for me I love reading really boring court transcripts, and have indeed found out that actually if you report everything and keep everything that "faceless" person can and will be prosecuted, and in fact can actually end up with never owning another computer or telecommunication device again! Or whatever the judge decided.

Every website has a contact us button Use it to report the online bully. If you witness someone being bullied online, report it too! THIS is what will make the difference do not stand back and let it happen!

Only then do you start to build a picture for the company that they can start to do something about it. a 1 off incident may not be enough but when you have a whole list of incidents of upset, THEN action can be taken.

Picture Credit available to Buy: Buy This at

If you are being bullied online, please share your story, there are more of us than you know. (no names of course) which seems ironic that the bullies can stay "hidden" behind their computer screens. If you are a Squidoo member you can log out and then post anonymously.

There is also a little thing just now about "reporting" others work or getting others involved in this practice? a little bit more difficult to prove, however can still be done.

This all helps with collecting "evidence"

I would rather present hard fast and challenge non-excusable actions and behavior. And I will find all the evidence I need. and stand up to these faceless Bullies.

Will you now stand up to the Bullies you see bullying online? Do let us know you stopped by.

© 2011 Lisa Auch

Cyber bullying Stories

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      That was very helpful! Great lens :)

      PS :Cyber Bullying is a criminal offense! And yet people do it all the time :/

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome lens! I really like the section that explains what you should do if your cyber-bullied. Thanks for sharing, you may have just saved a life.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      impacting youth generated movement against cyberbullying

    • TyGatti LM profile image

      TyGatti LM 

      6 years ago

      Most excellent lens. I hate online bullies with a passion. If anyone is ever being bullied online feel free to contact me on Twitter. Ill do my best to help, I can help you collect evidence or I can just simply be someone you can tell what's happening.

    • TheLastResort LM profile image

      TheLastResort LM 

      6 years ago

      I think some of the offenses mentioned could be ignored (contradicting posts, sharp messages) if they happened just once, but good to know that if the problem persists, there is a legal way to handle it.

    • Close2Art LM profile image

      Close2Art LM 

      6 years ago

      very interesting lens!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Go get 'em girl - I think everyone knows how I feel about bullies.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Well put together lens.

    • kislanyk profile image


      6 years ago from Cyprus

      I like this lens, well done and quite timely considering...


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