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Are Online Colleges Worthwhile?

Updated on January 13, 2013

Is An Online College For You?

Do you have disabilities that don't allow you to attend a regular brick and mortar college? Are you able to study on your own? Make sure that you have the mentality to go to an online school.

My daughter has a disability that does not allow her to go to a regular brick and mortar college. She went for quite a few years but kept having to drop classes due to her son's disabilities and her own. It was taking her forever to try to get her BA. Finally I talked her into checking online colleges. Here are some of the things that she found out.

Photo Credit: Suite101, public domain

Angel's Photo
Angel's Photo

Which College To Choose

Which One Is Best For The Degree Plan You want

Angel already knew what degree she wanted to go for. She started going through the various online colleges to see which ones had the curriculum she wanted. Angel wanted an online college that would allow her to become a research psychologist. Most of the online colleges did not lead to this type of degree. She finally found an online college that fit the bill perfectly. It has every type of course that she needed. This online college was Walden University. Not only could she get her BAAS through Walden, she would be able to go on for her Masters and Doctorate in Psychology. She has only 3 classes left now before she gets her BAAS in Psychology. We are so proud of her.

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Combining your Masters and Doctorate Programs

My daughter finished her BAAS in Psychology at Walden University. She was getting ready to go into the Masters Program at Walden when she found out that they had a combined Masters/Doctorate program. This program combines like type classes in the Masters and Doctorate program so that it takes less time to get your Doctorate Degree. In 6 years and some months, I will have a doctor of Psychology in my family.

When you go to check out an online school for a Masters program and you plan to go for your Doctorate degree, make sure you check to see if they have this same type of program for you. My daughter said it will save her about $20,000 doing the program this way. It never hurts.

Angel Now in Masters/Doctorate Program

Angel is in her first semester of the program now. She says it is a lot harder than she thought it would be. I am so proud of her as she has a 3.99 grade point average right now.

Written Material On Online Colleges - Check It Out

Money Bag
Money Bag

Tuition For Online College

Is It Different Than A Brick And Mortar College?

I have had two people from my family attend an online college. My husband's niece went to Phoenix College out of Phoenix, AZ. She said that the tuition there was more than a brick and mortar college. My daughter attends Walden University and says that the tuition is about the same as she was paying when she went to University of Texas in San Antonio (UTSA). She is very pleased with the tuition for this online college.

What does this mean? Investigate the online college of your choice to see if the tuition cost is equivalent to your going to a brick and mortar college. You may end up paying more than you plan to if you don't.

Photo Credit: Media City Groove, public domain.

Textbooks Used By Online Colleges - Are They Different Than Textbooks Used In Brick And Mortar Colleges

Used Books For Sale
Used Books For Sale

No, you use the exact same type of textbooks that you would be using were you to go to a brick and mortar college. You can either order them from a bookstore online or find some that are downloads that you are allowed to use while the class is going on and they are turned back in when the class is over.

Photo Credit: Grad School Journal, public domain.

What Is Your Opinion On The Subject?

Online College Or Brick And Mortar College

See results

Videos About Online Colleges - Learn More About The Online Colleges

I love getting comments from my readers either good or bad. It shows me that someone is stopping by and reading my articles. If it is bad, then I will correct the fault.

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    • bead at home mom profile image

      Teri Hansen 

      7 years ago

      I can turning this into a 'hey monkeybrain' page. On-line college vs brick and mortar college. I personally vote either but find the on-line more convenient having children. But regardless discipline is key for both. Thanks for the food for thought.

    • TeacherSerenia profile image


      7 years ago

      I think online colleges are great - especially when they are part of a brick and mortar college and are recognized by the state or federal education department.

      Back in New Zealand, some universities (such as Massey University for example) have an online or distant learning component, where you can do some programs online or by smail mail with campus courses held during the vacations.

      Here in Toronto there is at least one college I know of that also has an online component as well as 3 brick and mortar campsuses.

      There are also in Canada - 2 registered and recognized Universities that offer mostly online and distant courses.

      Athabasca University - based in Northern Alberta, and Thompson Rivers university in British Columbia. These are just the ones that I know about.


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