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Online MBA programs, who is it really for?

Updated on February 9, 2012

With the popularity of online education programs, most people are wondering if these programs are beneficial for their situations. This hub is specifically about online MBA programs because it seems to be very popular among professionals that already have a Bachelors degree. This hub is based on my personal experience, observations and other people's (friends and co-workers) experiences.

Let's start with who should definitely get an online MBA degree. Those that get tuition reimbursement from their current companies should act as soon as they can to enroll in an online MBA program. Some companies are willing to pay for a significant portion of the tuition cost. There is no excuse not to take advantage of free money, it is very important to jump on that opportunity as soon as you can. If you missed a free education opportunity, the company might take it away in the near future because everyone wants to save money in a bad economy. You are really missing out on saving money as well as future opportunities of being promoted to a management position.

For those that have worked in the same company for years and are promoted to the highest position just below management should definitely consider an online MBA program. Here is the reason, some companies require or would like a MBA degree for a promotion to a management position. Many times, you feel like you will be promoted to the management position if you had the degree. In another words, you feel like the MBA degree is the only thing that separates you from a management position. This is the time that you have to get the degree as soon as possible without taking away any work time. The online MBA program is perfect for your situation because you can work on your degree at night and on weekends (It won't interfere with work). Before you know it, you will have the MBA degree in hand and ready for the big promotion.

MBA degree is not a technical degree such as engineering and will not directly land you any job. Along with the MBA, you really need to have some technical knowledge and lots of experience for a management position. If you were planning to land a management position at a big company with just a degree, it will most likely not happen. However, if you are getting funds (grants and other funds that you don't have to pay back), it is worth it to get a MBA degree and wait for opportunities to get to management positions in the future. As a rule of thumb, you should never refuse anything that is free or significantly discounted.

Overall, an online MBA degree is great for working professionals with at least several years of working experience. A lot of times, more experience is necessary for a promotion to a management position even when you have the degree in hand. For those that are working at a position that is just beneath a management position, it is very important for you to obtain the MBA degree online. Once the manager directly above you retires or gets promoted to another position, you will have a chance at landing the manger's position. At that time, you will have three cards to play, your experiences, technical knowledge and the newly acquired MBA degree.


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