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Techniques of speaking different language fluently

Updated on October 18, 2014

Learning foreign language

Learning different language is now a day become an essential matter. Eith the emergence of internet this importancy become an aggressive need. Cultural diversification start to progress with exponential rate. Only things that is restricting this cultural diversification is difficiency of language knowledge. An English speakers can not effectively communicates with French, Chinese, Spanish, Rush or Arabic Speakers if he does not know well these language. Opposely that is happening to chinese, freanch, spanish or rush peoples to communicate with english peoples. But a fluent communication is important. Who wants a fluent communication runs for learning different language. Most of the peoples bother with that. Ultimately can not reach in a final conclusion. The majority of them faild to orally speaking fluently. Moreover, I have found a large number of people graduated in English language but whose mother language is not english, can not speak well english, even clearly understand others speach. May be he can write well, read well. What is the problem in speaking? What is the problem in listening?

To understand this look at an example. A trainer all at in a row trained you an in house theoretical training on " How to drive motorcycle". During your course you do not see any motorcycle. After completion your course you have given a motorcycle to drive. You will be hasitate and make a wrong. That is because of you are learned and knowledgeable to drive but not skilled on driving.

When a Chinese people wants to learn English or French he feels a great problem to implemement his learning in his country. Because surrounding himself he find no body with whom he can speak with English or French or Spanish. You have no scope to listen from others. What is the result? you are not becoming skilled. But it is not a great ptoblem to you to writing. When any Spanish people start to talk with you in Spanish, you kept silent with no answering. But you learned enough on Spanish language, but you heard little or even never heard or speak spanish.

It is a so far matter a co operation between a chinese people and an english people, a french people and a spanish people, you will feel a problem in listening if you co operate with the people with same language with different geography. Because different geographic people utters same language in different patterns.

But yet you have to skilled in speaking different language. For this besides of your theoretical learning you need a platform of practical implementation. Creating such platform surrounding yourself is not easy. But easily you can follow some techniques.

1. Make a group of friends for orally practice.

2. Study different books on different language.

3. Read different articles.

4. See some vedio channel on different language on internet.

5. Collect some movies on different language, see the movie and try to understand every speach.

The boy he learned his language from his mother

He knows bengali well, trying to learn english.
He knows bengali well, trying to learn english.


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