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Orangutan Facts

Updated on July 19, 2012

Orangutans are endangered and need our help.

I have a great love of Orangutans. I am absolutely passionate about them and have made this page to educate myself and others.One day I would love to visit orangutans in the wild and see the baby orphans. The Orangutan Foundation International arranges these tours and the money made is then used to rehabilitate the orangutans.

I have gathered Orangutan facts so that we can learn more about these magical primates. It is very sad to know just how endangered they are, however if we can understand more about them, maybe some of us can make a difference so that their numbers can increase. Please follow along with me and enjoy this page.

I have also gathered a lot of Orangutan coloring pages so that we can help our children learn more about these wonderful creatures. The children are the future carers of our land and we hope they will do a better job than we have done to conserve and increase numbers in the wild.

All the beautiful photos of Orangutans you will see on this page are gathered from Creative Commons sources and all have clickable links to the original sites they come from.

Enjoy and learn.

Adult Orangutan

PHoto Credit:Animal Photos Creative Commons

Orangutan Facts

Orangutan Facts

Here are some other great websites with lots of Orangutan facts

Orangutan Fact 1

Orangutans share nearly 97% of their genetic material with humans.

Baby Orangutans Get Fed

Orangutan Picture

Photo Credit: Boing Boing .net Creative Commons

Where do Orangutans Live?

Where do Orangutans Live?

Orangutans live in the rainforest in Sumatra and Borneo. Here are some websites that have more information for you on where Orangutans live.

Orangutan Fact 2

Orangutans have opposable thumbs just like we have and they also have opposable big toes. This means a thumb that can be placed opposite the fingers of the same hand

Baby Orphaned Oranutans

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Orangutan Quizz

How much can Male Orangutans weight up to???

See results

What Do Orangutans Eat?

What Do Orangutans Eat?

Orangutans eat mainly fruit. To see what else they eat, please click on some of the links below.

Orangutan Fact 3

Orangutans are the largest tree dwelling animals in the world.

Baby Orangutans cling together

Photo Creative Commons

Baby Orangutan

Orangutan Fact 4

Orangutans walk on all fours when they are on the ground.

Baby Orangutans on the platform for the first time

Photo Credit:Green Creative Commons

Orangutan Strength

Orangutan Fact 5

A male Orangutan can weight up to 100 kilos and 220 pounds.

Rescued Orangutan

Photo Creative Commons


Orangutan Fact 6

More than half of the Orangutans diet is made up of fruit

Orangutan Island 1

Photo Credit:Wiki Creative Commons

Orangutan Island

Orangutan Fact 7

The scientific name for orangutan is Pongo pygmaeus.

Orangutan Island: Filming Orangutans

Photo Credit:Wiki Creative Commons

Orangutan Pictures

Orangutan Fact 8

Female Orangutans only have babies once every 8 years.

Orangutan Baby Orphans

Photo Credit:Wiki Creative Commons

Orangutan Coloring Pages

Orangutan Fact 9

The only places in the world where Orangutans live in the wild are Sumatra and Borneo

Visit The Wild Orangutans of Borneo

Photo Credit:Animal Creative Commons

Support the Orangutan Foundation International

Orangutan Fact 10

Young Orangutans usually stay with their mothers for 11-12 years

Orangutan Gypsy: Playing in the water

What would you like to know about Orangutans????

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      They are so lovely! My son and his wife visited a rescue centre in Borneo a couple of years ago.


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