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Citizenship Test - How to pass the US, British, Canadian, Australia, etc citizenship tests

Updated on February 5, 2017

Tips on Citizenship Test Questions, Exams, Quiz, Requirements

More and more countries are now making citizenship tests a requirement before you can become a permanent resident. Both the UK and Australia have introduced citizenship tests for foreigners who wish to settle in their countries. Other countries such as US and Canada have been using them for a long time. Are these tests hard to pass? Can anyone pass such a test? The answer depends on your as an individual and how prepared you are for the test. This article shares some tips that can help you pass the American, Canadian, the British or the Australian citizenship test. You may also find these tips useful if you're planning to take similar tests in other countries.

1. Read the Material Supplied.

Start with the material that has been supplied to you. With the British system you get some booklets and information that you are supposed to use to prepare for the test. Other countries also provide similar resources. Some people think that they can go and sit for the test without reading these materials. If you want to pass the test, you need to be familiar with the information that is contained in these booklets. Read them thoroughly and discuss the ideas and information with friends and relatives. This will help you internalise the material so that when you are asked a question about any aspect of life in the US, UK or Australia etc., you'll be able to answer. Make some notes and go over them several times before you take the test. Work out a system of studying for the test. You've paid for the application to become a permanent resident; don't throw your money away by failing to prepare for the final part.

2. Go through past citizenship test questions

There are now companies and websites that you can visit to find out more about citizenship test and take some practice tests. These tests are good for preparations. They say practice makes perfect so make sure you go through a lot of practice questions. This will build up your confidence and help you when you're taking the real test. Practice tests also tend to be slightly more difficult so if you take a lot of them you may find the real test really easy to do.

3. Get all the help you can get.

There are thousands of people who have already taken these Citizenship tests and there are also many helpful books that have been published on how to pass a citizenship test. Use these resources to your advantage. Websites like eBay have thousands of books and booklets that you can buy cheaply and that you can use to prepare for you citizenship test. Also, talk to friends and relatives who have already taken these takes for help and advice. You'll be amazed at what they may help you with. They may even show you where to find resources that you could not have found otherwise.

So if you're applying for permanent residence in the US, Canada, UK, Australia or any country where you're required to take a citizenship test, use these tips to help you prepare for the test. You will find that passing the test is not hard if you're adequately prepared for it.


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    • profile image

      francis5k 5 years ago

      I like you're article! informative article!goodjob!

    • profile image

      Canada 7 years ago

      Take the canadian citizenship test online for free at:

    • profile image

      Thevisitor 9 years ago

      The time varies. My wife took the oath 2 months after taking the test. But there were people at the event who had waited almost a year.

    • profile image

      huda  9 years ago

      does anybody knows how long it take between the test and take oath

    • profile image

      huda 9 years ago

      i wrote my test but i am waitin for th result

    • profile image

      tboo 10 years ago


    • profile image

      Foster 10 years ago

      I wrote mine and passed. I'm now British!!!!!

    • profile image

      Tina 10 years ago

      Thanks for the tips - a real great help.

    • profile image

      Richard 10 years ago

      Great info. I'll be taking my test next week and this information is very helpful. Thanks.