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Dr Paul Sereno - Paleontologist

Updated on April 18, 2013

Dr Paul Sereno - Paleontologist and Educator

Dr Paul Sereno is a paleontologist with an amazing record of discovering new dinosaurs such as the recent Eodromaeus and other prehistoric creatures like Sarchosuchus or Supercroc.

Learn all about Paul Sereno's discoveries and expeditions and watch Paul Sereno videos and find out about Project Exploration which gives overlooked kids a taste of paleontology.

When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs by Dr Paul Sereno

In paleontology, I saw an irresistible combination of travel, adventure, art, biology and geology.

Paul Sereno Ted Talk: What can fossils teach us? - Paleontology video

Paul Sereno gives a brilliant TED talk on how he became a paelontologist and what we have learned from studying fossils. He talks about his amazing expeditions into the Sahara and other difficult environments. And don't miss the footage of Sereno sitting on a live Crocodile in the name of research!


Video: Paul Sereno talks about Eodromaeus the "Dawn Runner" - 13 Jan 2011

Eodromaeus is one of Dr Sereno's most recent discoveries, a small therapod dinosaur which is the earliest know meat-eating dinosaur. Eodromaeus means "Dawn Runner". In this video Paul Sereno talks about Eodromaeus.

Discoveries of Dr Paul Sereno and his team

Click the links to find out more information on the dinosaurs that Paul Sereno and his team have discovered.

  1. Afrovenator abakensis
  2. Carcharodontosaurus saharicus "Shark-toothed reptile" - I recognise Carcharodontosaurus from Dinosaur King. Kind of an African T-Rex.
  3. Deltadromeus agilis
  4. Eoraptor lunensis Eoraptor is a small, early dinosaur from the Triassic era. Note that at time of writing Eoraptor is described as a meat-eater on Sereno's site, but more recent research by Sereno suggests Eoraptor is a plant-eater.
  5. Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis
  6. Jobaria tiguidensis
  7. Rajasaurus narmadensis
  8. Rugops primus
  9. Sarcosuchus imperator "Flesh Crocodile Emperor" - A 40ft prehistoric croc!
  10. Suchomimus tenerensis. Like the British Baryonyx. Is Rudy from Ice Age 3 a Baryonyx or a Suchomimus?
  11. The African Pterosaur

DVDs and Books

It's Super Croc!

By Paul Sereno

Supercroc: Paul Sereno's Dinosaur Eater (Fossil Hunters)
Supercroc: Paul Sereno's Dinosaur Eater (Fossil Hunters)

A book for children aged 8 and up. Packed with information anc cool pictures.

Tip: Look for a good condition used version to save money.

When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs
When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs

Paul Sereno brings the prehistoric Supercroc back to life with science and adventure. Great for kids and anyone else with an interest in prehistoric creatures.


Project Exploration

Sereno co-founded Project Exploration to get overlooked kids into science. They run very cool youth programs involving dinosaur science.


Did Dr Sereno discover one of your favorite dinosaurs? Would you like to go on a dinosaur discovery expedition? Or just let us know you visited.

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    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Hubby and I watch lots of dino and nature shows. It's amazing how many new species are found each year. Thanks for your info on Dr. Sereno!

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Hubby and I watch lots of dino and nature shows. It's amazing how many new species are found each year. Thanks for your info on Dr. Sereno!


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