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Perform an Interactive Puppet Show

Updated on August 30, 2012

How to Do a Puppet Show with Audience Participation

An interactive puppet show is one in which the audience participates. Children love to be a part of the show and "Miss Duck's New Hat " gives them a chance to interact with the puppet characters. Try this silly show for a child's birthday party. Enjoy the fun and expect lots of giggles.

This is a free script. No royalties necessary. Change the characters according to whatever puppets you have.

Prop instructions are included.

Miss Duck's New Hat

Miss Duck:

It's such a lovely day today. I think I'll go for a walk. I 'd like to wear my new hat. Now where did I put it? Is it in the closet? (She looks to right) No, it's not there. Did I put it on my dresser? (she looks to left) No, it's not there either. Did I put it under the bed? (she looks down) Oh, dear. I wonder what I did with it? Well, I guess I'll just go out without my new hat.

(She goes out. Place a prop tree on the stage. Miss Duck comes back in.)

Miss Duck:

Well, it is a lovely day. The sun is shining. The birds are singing.

(She "walks" along. A bird's nest falls on her head. She disappears - pull her down out of sight and attach a bird's nest to her head.

Miss Duck:

Ouch! What was that? (offstage voice)

(Put her back onstage with bird's nest on her head.

Miss Duck:

Something fell on my head. I wonder what it was. Oh, well. I guess I'll go on with my walk.

(She continues along on her walk. Note: If you make a puppet bob up and down, even if they don't go very far, it looks as if they are walking)

(Miss Cow enters)

Miss Duck:

Hello Miss Cow. How are you doing this fine day?

Miss Cow:

I'm quite well, thank you, Miss Duck. By the way, that is a most unusual hat you are wearing. I think I'll go to town and buy one just like yours. Bye, now! (She goes out)

Miss Duck:

Miss Cow said I am wearing a hat, but I am not wearing a hat. I couldn't find my hat. What a strange thing for her to say!

(She keeps walking. Mr. Dog enters)

Miss Duck:

Good morning Mr. Dog. It's a lovely day, isn't it?

Mr. Dog:

Yes, it is. But not as lovely as that hat you are wearing. I'll have to buy one for Mrs. Dog. See you later. (He goes out)

Miss Duck: (Pauses. Looks at audience)

Is he crazy? Or is it me? I know I am not wearing a hat. (By now the audience will be trying to tell her what is going on, but don't react just yet. Keep the joke going)

Oh, here comes my friend, Miss Pig. Hello, Miss Pig.

Miss Pig:

Hi, Miss Duck: I just love your new hat. I've never seen one like it before. (Squeals are heard offstage) Oh, sorry, Miss Duck. My babies are calling me. (She hurries off)

Miss Duck:

Wait, Miss Pig. Please come back. What do mean about a new hat? I know I am not wearing a hat. Am I? (She looks at the audience)

Boys and girls, please tell me. Am I wearing a hat?

Audience: Yes. It's a bird's nest! (or something like that)

Miss Duck:

A bird's nest! I'm wearing a bird's nest? Oh, that must have been what fell on my head. I thought it was an apple off an apple tree!

Well, is there a bird in it?

Audience: Yes!!!

Miss Duck: What color is the bird?

Audience: Yellow!

Miss Duck: My friends said it looks nice. Does it really look nice like they said?

(Audience will probably agree, but if not, ignore any negative response. Miss Duck knows she looks good!)

Well then. I am going to wear my new hat out to dinner tonight. I am going out with my friend, Mr. Donkey. Toodle-oo. See you all later. I do like my new hat. (she goes out)

The End

Stage directions:

You can buy a bird's nest at a craft store. Glue a piece of velcro on the bottom with tacky glue or a hot glue gun. Put a corresponding piece of velcro on top of Miss Duck's head. Then you can fasten the bird's nest on her head at the right time. Fashion a small bird out of felt and glue it in the nest.

You can do this little play with any number of animals. Use whatever animal puppets you have. It doesn't have to be the ones chosen for this script.

How to drop the bird's nest on Miss Duck's head.: Simply hold the nest up and drop it over the backdrop curtain. Try to make it hit her head. Then pull her out of sight and fasten the nest on her head.

That's about all.

Send me a message if you have any questions.

Puppets on Amazon

Order some great puppets for your show.

Amazon Spotlight Personal Review - Folkmanis Duck Puppet

The Puppet Company Long-Sleeves White Duck Hand Puppet
The Puppet Company Long-Sleeves White Duck Hand Puppet

This puppet would work well for Miss Duck's New Hat.


Fun stuff from Amazon

Rubber duckies make great party favors!

Wake Up, Santa - Holiday skit with audience participation

Santa Claus has been working so hard that he has fallen asleep right before he has to deliver the gifts to all the boys and girls around the world. He is in such a deep sleep that no one can wake him up. Mrs.Santa asks the other characters to try to wake him up, (the elf, a rooster, a dog, polar bear), but no one can until...

My lens, "It's Puppet Time" explains the plot and "Simple Puppets Kids Can Make" shows how I made the Elf and Reindeer puppet out of stuffed toys.

Make up your own dialogue and have the kids wake up Santa at the end. Count to three and everyone shouts "Wake Up, Santa!"

( Santa Claus always hears the childrens' voices.)

Puppet Plays

Scripts for puppet shows

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    • Flowerchild1946 profile imageAUTHOR

      Carol Brooks 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thank you for your comment. It's a fun show to do with kids.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What a fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing!


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