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Personality Test Free - For 100 marks

Updated on June 26, 2015


Rank yourself for all the major ten qualities and sum them up to get a mark for 100. The marking criteria is also explained. Be honest and do not mark yourself high.


The top ten qualities for personality are explained and these attributes make yourself lovable and presentable to others besides attracting a lot of people towards you.

Beauty has Zero marks for personality. You are black or white doesn’t matter with regards to your personality. Even if you feel you are not handsome or pretty, just relax for a minute and think when you do not love yourself, who is going to love you. Beauty is just how you think about yourself. You have been with this face and hands and legs from birth. Start loving it. Feel the change.

1. Do You Look Presentable?

To all who think beauty is a quality for personality, I am here to a strong no. You have to be well-groomed and wear neat clothes. It is not necessary that you always wear formal shoes and formal pants and a tie IN your neck. It is just that you have to be presentable to others. They must have a pleasing feel when they look at you.

Get your marks out of ten

1-3 – You do not comb your hair. Wear shabby shirts and pants

4-6 – You just pick a t-shirt or a dress and do not care about it.

7-9 – You choose your attire carefully keeping in mind where you are leaving.

10 – If you think you are the role model for being neat and clean.

Do not bite nails. If you have the habit of biting, at least try to avoid doing it in public.

2. Do you have clean habits?

Do not think this is a silly character for the personality aspect. On the contrary, this is the major factor. You must have clean habits which includes brushing your teeth twice a day, bathing daily. Do not have bad breath at any cost. This damages your personality to a greater extent.

Mark yourself

1-3 I do not have clean habits and I smell bad.

4-6 – I just follow my regular activities.

7-9 – I follow all the clean habits and no one has ever criticized me for this.

10 – I am a role model for clean habits.


3. Do you avoid foul language?

What ever language you speak it is necessary that you avoid using unparliamentary words. They do not improve your quality by any narrowest way inturn act as a barrier towards your personality development. Being bad mouthed among your friends may seem to uplift you but it is just an apparent feeling and does not help in your personality

Rank yourself similarly

1-3 – Whenever I open my mouth, I use only foul language.

4-6 – I use them occasionally.

7-9 – Nope, I never use bad language.

10 – I do not know profanity.

4. Do you have good sense of humour?

The sense of humour attracts a lot of people towards you. It's a strong weapon and if you use it properly, you can have a lot of people around you always and a positive atmosphere surrounding you.

Rank yourself

1-3 – Absolutely no, I do not know to crack jokes

4-6 – I crack jokes but people do not laugh

7-9 – My jokes are enjoyed and are 90% success.

10 – If you are cracking jokes right now.


5. Do you speak fluent english with no grammar mistakes?

This attribute is important than it may seem to be. The communication is just not by transferring the information to the other person whom you want to deliver. It also relies on how you express it.

Mark yourself

1-3 – I do not speak good English and I am not fluent.

4-6 – Less grammatical mistakes and I speak fluently but I stammer at times.

7-9 – I speak fluently with no grammatical mistakes

10 – I have mastered English


6. Do you love and help others?

When you love and care for others it definitely adds value for your personality. The “others” does not literally mean others. It could be your girl friend or your boy friend or your parents or friends.

Your Mark

1-3 – I do not love or help

4-6 – I help people who help me. I love people who love me.

7-9 – I love and help people irrespective of whether they love or help me.

10 – I care for not only the people surrounding me but for the society as well.


Being yourself does not mean being stubborn. It also does not mean you must not change a negative character which you have. Its about never losing yourself.

7. Are you being yourself?

It is very important to have qualities for yourself. If someone is respected for a particular attribute, it does not mean you must immediately change yourself. That acts as a demerit for your personality. Always being yourself will make people around you to like you.

Rate yourself

1-3 – I keep changing myself seeing others.

4-6 – I change according to the situations.

7-9 – I do not change myself based on people or situations.

10 – I know what I am and I love myself for it.


8. Do you have good opinion about others?

It is not good to be a complaint box. Your personality drops down when you complain often. It is always better that you have good opinion about majority of people.

Your marks

1-3 – I am a compaint box

4-6 – I have mixed opinions about others

7-9 – I have good opinion on everyone.

10 – When I see any person, its his good traits that strike me and never the bad ones.


9. Are you short-tempered?

Never be short-tempered as this marks your personality down. The more you get angry, the less you are likely to be welcome in the society.

Get angry when you have to. We are not saints here. When it is absolutely necessary that you have to get angry for the particular incident, there is no point in being silent thinking that it would spoil your personality on the contrary that would cast a negative reflection on your personality.

Rate yourself

1-3 – I am short tempered

4-6 – I get angry occasionally and shout at others.

7-9 – I know when to get angry. I am cool rest of the time.

10 – I do not get angry. I use polished accent.


10. Are you co-operative?

You must co-exist with your friends and work together as a team. When you are self-centered and work individually and do not participate with others, it rates you down, even if you have enough talent to accomplish the task single-handed..

Mark yourself

1-3 – I do not participate with others. I do all work on my own.

4-6 – I participate but I have my opinion ahead of every others' viewpoint.

7-9 – I give equal priority to all the ideas from my colleagues or friends

10 – My friends or colleagues love to work with me.


Now you have your mark for 100. Let us estimate where you stand.

0-19 - You did not clear the personality test. You need to work hard.

20-39 - A little more work and you are sure to have a good personality.

40-59 - Congrats! You have cleared the personality test and you are respected in the society.

60-79 - Great. You are lovable and you have people around you always.

80-99 - Awesome. You are admired and you are role model for people around you.

100 - ;-) You have cheated in marking yourself. ;-)


Where do you stand?

See results

Hope it was useful and fun. I would love to know your scores too. Post your marks and feedback.


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