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Ghost Writer

Updated on May 8, 2016


The Autobiography of a Common Man

Have you ever wondered what on earth you are doing, you go through life doing what you believe to be right, whereas deep down you are proven from your own experiences it is indefinably wrong.

Friends and family add to your torment by saying its a disgrace you ought to be ashamed of yourself parents tell you what and what not to do only to find out later on in life that they didn't have a clue either .

But on saying all this it is really only down to one person ,you cant go through life blaming other people after all do they really care if you fall, your parents probably told you not to come crying home if you fell flat on your face they just said get up and be a man.

No like I said before there is only one person in the equation and that is you, yes hard to believe after all these years trying to please others you finally found out and boy what an eyeopener its taken how long yeh whatever so after developing a sixth sense of commonsense your goal now is to make the rest of your life worth something and that's the easy part.

The hard part is putting it into practice so that's what I'm trying to achieve here some of you might say this is a pathetic attempt others might give a different perspective on it all in all it is purely down to the fact that everyone of us is different the fact that I'm writing this says so.

Anyway like I was saying from the time you are born to the time you die the question on everyone's lips will be what did he do, was his life worth it or was it an open book consisting only of two pages you know beginning and an end hehe sorry couldn't help that where was I oh yes so there we re born out into the big bold world taking in everything and everyone till we go to school then everything gets thrown out the window, I know what your going to say well its true how many of you can go tthrough life saying that school years was the best years of your life I mean did you learn much ok that was a bit harsh I mean Maths and English aside what else I know from experience that the best way of learning anything is hands on you know the old age thing if you want to see how a thing works take it apart obviously you put the pieces in order so you can put it together again perfectly that way if it ever breaks you don't have to call someone out to fix it you can do it yourself.

I do believe that this is the only way to keep yourself from going doodally for it is he who has the courage to look what is wrong rather than go to someone who hasn't got a clue but your willing to pay them a considerable sum on telling you so.

Going on forever forwards you boldly go through life stumbling hoping amongst other things that you find your own niche in life, my own I guess you could say I found it by chance as it seemed to take forever from the time I left school at fifteen eager to get into the big wide world and earn a crust to where I am today .

You see everyone is different unique in there own special way, you go through life looking for that special ingredient that will enable you to move forward in whatever expertise you may have but the main thing that happens is the fact that you are never really happy , then it suddenly hits you thatwhile all the time that you arelooking for that special something the minute you take your eye of the ball asit were it hits you like a steamroller the fact that it was here all the time makes it even worse that is your niche in life, mine for instance is my personality and without realising it I used it to my advantage in my early years you know boys being boys getting into fights ut no not me I could alays talk myself out of trouble.

Even going as far as showing he other kids up I did'nt mind in fact if anything it made me a stronger character. You see like most kids I was pretty adept at utilising what little if any skills I had to good use so I utilised it even though I had'nt a clue that all the time it was down to my personality.

They say you dont know anything till it hits you between the eyes and boy dit it hit you think you'd learn by your mistakes and move on, It makes you laugh when you see the light I should have guessed after all I was a Taxi-Driver and I got my business through word of mouth thats it if you want to succeed in life you have at first got to believe in yourself then as the saying goes once you can do that you can sell anything just remember to include the people in your operation because you now in order to acheive anything you must have the ability to learn. They say you don't know anything till it hits you between the eyes and boy dit it hit I must have been very nieve last year when I started this internet lark, because I came across something mindblowingly simple but very effective if you want to know what it is then all you have to do is follow my lead, you wil be amazed if not astonished at what you will find and that is to not only be yourself but sell yourself forget what the big boys say or do you have to find your inner self before you can at least move forward.


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