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Physic Is Interesting. Let's find out !!!

Updated on February 8, 2015

7 Unique and Amazing Facts About Physic

A lot of people think that physic is boring. But, do you know that there are some unique and amazing facts about physic ?. These fact that you never know will change your perception about physic . So Let’s Discover the unique and amazing facts behind physic !!! and you’ll see physic in different perspective.

1. Black Hole isn’t Black

Black hole is very dark but it’s not black. They shine and emanate a bit of light spectrum including the light that can be seen.

2. The Universe Isn’t Included Past, Present Or Future

According to the relativity theory, There’s nothing as past, present, or future. The dimension of time is relative. Our time is same because we move with the same velocity. If we move with different velocity, we will find out that we get older faster.

3. Floating On The Dead Sea

Do you know that Dead Sea has high salinity ?. Yes, that’s the fact and because of its high salinity you can swim there easily without afraid of being drown, in other word you’ll float.

4. Atmosphere’s Mass

Our atmosphere’s mass is about 55 x 1014 kg. Can you imagine that ? Our atmosphere is so heavy.

5. Small Proton

The diameter of proton is about 0,000000000001 mm or 1/25000000000000 inch. Can you imagine how small is it ?. Well, if you can’t imagine just move on to the next unique fact.

6. Lightning Is So Hot

Lightning is three times hotter than the sun.

7. We Will Be Hotter Than The Sun

If we have the same mass as the sun, we will be hotter than the sun. That’s so crazy fact but so unique and amazing.

Well, those are some unique and amazing fact about physic. Those facts are interesting, aren’t they ? So Let’s change our perspective toward physic and discover the other facts.


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