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Pillow Pet Backpacks for Preschoolers

Updated on February 6, 2013

Fun for Preschoolers: Pillow Pet Backpacks for Preschoolers are Fun and Cute

Whether your preschool aged child is going to a formal school setting, childcare or staying home, it's fun to find cute carrying choices for preschool supplies. An overnighter to Grandma's can be a blast with a cute bag, a road trip can be exciting with a beloved character, and a trek to day care doesn't have to be lonely. Pillow Pet characters are lots of fun for youngsters, and they remain fun for tweens and teens. The characters aren't too juvenile for older children, but they are definitely adorable!

My daughter was actually a preschooler when she received her first ladybug pillow pet, and she still adores the characters a few years later. Pillow pet backpacks continue the trend of the producers in producing cuddly quality in their products. The items are soft and durable, serving dual purposes as toys and functional items. There are many other pillow pet gift choices, but as you think about a preschool backpack, these fun pets are perfect for the preschool girl who adores cute plush toys.

Do you love pillow pets?

I'm a fan...I admit that I have a mini pillow pet that my kids gave me for my birthday! I adore them and find them very soft and pleasant. They work great as pillows, at least mine does!

Are pillow pets your style?

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Ladybug Pillow Pet Backpack

My Pillow Pets Ladybug Backpack
My Pillow Pets Ladybug Backpack

My youngest loves her pillow pet ladybugs, and she was surprised when I found the ladybug backpack...pleasantly surprised. These are harder to find in stores, of course, but I love Amazon's shipping options and pricing, especially at holiday time when toy discounts become prevalent.


Panda Pillow Pet Backpack

Panda Back Pack 16" by Pillow Pets
Panda Back Pack 16" by Pillow Pets

The panda pillow pet is one of the most popular characters, and he's definitely cute, perfect for a preschooler needing to tote a few supplies on the road or to daycare.


Unicorn Pillow Pet Backpack

My Pillow Pets Unicorn Backpack
My Pillow Pets Unicorn Backpack

Another of the most searched for pillow pets, the unicorn is available in rainbow or purple coloring. The backpack, thus far, is only coming up purple, cute for a preschool girl.


Frog Pillow Pet Backpack

My Pillow Pets Frog Backpack
My Pillow Pets Frog Backpack

Lest you think that girls are the only ones appreciating pillow pet backpacks, you will love this cute frog, not too feminine for a boy. Your toddler can tote his toys on a trip or carry his library books in his pack.


Pillow Pet Backpack Characters: Options are always changing - Find the latest pillow pet characters

One of the fun things about pillow pets is the constant addition of new products and characters to the line. My daughter adores her ladybug, and I love my dog pillow pet. However, there are always new concepts and critters to consider. This area features some of the latest on the market, easy for you to browse through briefly.

Jumbo Pillow Pets for Kids

If your preschooler loves larger than life toys and oversized stuffed animals, don't miss the chance to provide a wow kind of gift during the holidays, with Jumboz, the giant pillow pet characters that are just like the originals, just bigger.

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