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Pinterest Tips for Homeschoolers

Updated on April 2, 2014

Organizing Your Homeschool Resources

Pinterest can be your online filing cabinet and bulletin board! Organize all of your homeschooling resources on Pinterest boards! Here's how!

There are amazing resources for homeschoolers all over the Internet. Each time you search you find dozens of fun projects, articles, ideas and curriculum resources. How do you keep all of this information organized so that you can find it again when you are looking for it?

As a nearly retired homeschool mom, I have collected thousands of activities, ideas and projects for my children. Of course we haven't done all of them, but I wanted to have them on hand for whenever the topic came up.

I used to keep ideas in notebooks. Then I started using filing cabinets. But it wasn't until I discovered Pinterest that I discovered the ideal way to file and organize all my online resources.

Come explore Pinterest through the eyes of a homeschooling mom...

Photo Credit: The Art of Pinterest

by mkhmarketing

Used under Creative Commons.

Organizing all that Homeschooling Stuff! - Organizing Your Homeschool Resources

Math Materials
Math Materials

Photo Credit: Math Materials

by misskprimary

Used under Creative Commons

I have been teaching in classrooms for decades so I had quite a collection of books, games, teaching materials and worksheets before I even started thinking about homeschooling. I kept them in boxes, closets, bureaus and shelves. Usually I could find whatever I had but I was constantly looking for more ideas and ways to engage my students in active learning. So my accumulated materials kept growing and growing.

When I began homeschooling in the early 1990's we didn't even have a computer let alone Internet. I began collecting even more board games, learning materials and ideas. I started using a file box to jot down ideas which I organized by topic. The problem with that was that many of the ideas could be used in conjunction with other topics so I had to write out several index cards for each idea.

Once we had access to the Internet it got even harder to keep up with all the ideas, activities and resources I was discovering. When we moved back from Costa Rica in 2010 I discovered Squidoo. Here I was able to collect my ideas on topics, turn them into unit studies or collections of ideas based on themes. Here on Squidoo you will find dozens of my unit studies with hands-on learning activities for all ages, abilities and learning styles. But even those needed more organization.

Then Pinterest came along! It was amazing!

Pinterest is like a visual filing cabinet. Rather than looking through tabs of words that lead to the papers containing ideas, however, it is more like looking at bulletin boards of pictures that link to videos, projects, craft ideas, hands-on learning experiences, and so much more.

How to Pin to Pinterest - Includes how to add a pin button

Learn about Pinterest. Learn how to add a pin button. Learn how to add boards, descriptions of boards, and how to organize your boards.

This is a tutorial for someone who has never used Pinterest before.

You may not need a Pinterest tutorial since it is quite easy just to pick it up but this tutorial may help you notice certain features a little quicker.

Organizing your Homeschool Resources

Homeschooling Themes

I decided to organize my boards by themes or topics. I have boards about frogs, insects, goats, cows, bats and birds. I have boards for recycling toilet paper tubes, mason jars, cardboard boxes and many other craft project boards. Some of my boards are about organizing my closets and decorating my house.

Because I am also a classroom teacher I have lots of boards relating to teaching groups of children in more traditional ways. I have boards with hands-on activities that children can use during center time such as word work, math manipulatives or how to help children learn the difference between b's and d's.

How will you organize your boards?

Take Pinterest Wherever You Go

With this app you can pin no matter where you are. If you are at a museum and your child asks you a question. Look it up on your phone, and then pin the answers for further research when you go home.

If you are waiting somewhere just surfing the web and find an interesting site, just pin it for when the topic comes up. Or just in case you ever start studying that topic.

As a homeschool mom, I found that having resources pinned to various boards was wonderful for when we picked a new topic to study. Often I already had dozens of hands-on activities to accompany any topic my child chose.


Pinterest App for Androids


Unit Studies on Pinterest

What are Unit Studies?

My children and I have always loved doing unit studies. We choose a topic and then brainstorm all that we know about the topic. Next we start researching to find out more information. This is when Pinterest comes in most handy.

As we surf the net we find interesting sites with information on the topic, craft projects, details, and so much more.

Each time we find an activity, idea or intriguing information we pin it to the unit study board and there it is waiting for us to dive into the topic.

You too can have activities and unit studies at your fingertips. Start pinning today...

How to Pin - Pinterest Tutorial

Here is a long, detailed video of how to pin on Pinterest. If the first tutorial didn't seem to give you enough instruction, this one is the one you want to watch. It goes into more details and goes through those details much slower.

Learn how to search, pin and tag your pins.

Learn how to edit your boards as well as your pins.

Learn how to delete pins or even boards.

More detailed instructions on how to pin and organize your finds

How many Pinterest Boards do you have?

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Pinterest Prattle - How do you use Pinterest?

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