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Yo Ho Ho - A Treasure Chest of Fun

Updated on September 25, 2014

Pirate Unit Study

HERE is a Treasure Trove of Pirate activities. This pirate unit study covers a wide-range of subjects as it teaches about pirates both fictional and real. Language, art, math, geography and more are explored along with the world of pirates.

geared to age 9-11

A World of Pirates

As soon as there were cargo ships sailing the seas, there were pirates. Pirates were known by many names and terrorized many different seas. Privateers, Corsairs and Buccaneers were words used to describe pirates. Find out the differences, who they were and which seas they terrorized!

Did You Know

The word "pirate" means one who robs at sea.

Ships that terrorized the seas

There were various types of pirate ships that differed in style as well as size. During the Golden Age of Piracy some of the types of ships were: the Sloop, the Brigantine, the Schooner, the Galley, the Frigate and the Galleon.

Download the entire unit study to find out how these ships varied from each other.

Did You Know?

The pirate hideout of Port Royal in Jamaica had so many taverns that there was one for every 150 people.

What a pirate wears

If you think of an image of a pirate you may see a man with an eye patch, a three-cornered hat, long coat and buckled shoes or bucket topped boots. Or maybe you see a scruffy guy wearing an eye patch and kerchief.

Well, the first image may be more typical to a pirate captain, but that kind of clothing was not practical for life on a ship.

Download the entire unit study to find out what they really wore!

Did You Know?

Pirate shoes were simple straight shoes having no left or right.

Crime and Punishment on board a Pirate Ship

Walk the Plank!

Although pirates were thieves and murderers, on a ship they lived by a strict set of rules (articles). Punishments received by pirates who broke the rules varied as to the crime. Lesser crimes were often dealt with by flogging (whipping) , more serious crimes meant being marooned or being put to death!

Download the entire unit study and read the 7 articles practiced on a pirate ship.

Did You Know?

Although walking the plank was a common punishment in pirate books and movies it was rarely practiced.

Sample lesson - Reading Comprehension

Blackbeard - a reading comprehension activity

One of the most famous pirates to ever sail the seas was Edward Teach who is better known for his nickname, Blackbeard.

Teach began his pirate career as a teenager on board a ship captained by Benjamin Hornigold, a British privateer. Teach remained part of Hornigold's crew throughout the War of the Spanish Succession (Queen Anne's War). By the end of the war Teach had become an experienced sea robber. After the war he joined a group of fierce Caribbean pirates. Soon, he became captain of his own ship.

Download the entire unit study to read the rest of the story about Blackbeard, the myth about his reputation and the truth about his death!

Did You Know

Pirates would often fly a false flag in order to get close to another ship.

photo by Sandra Wilson
photo by Sandra Wilson

About the Author

Sandra Wilson is an experienced educator and writer whose aim is to put the fun back into education. The Education with a Bang series of unit studies takes interesting topics of study and puts them into a unit study combined with fun activities to inspire a desire to learn.

If you would like to learn more about the Education with a Bang unit studies contact Sandra through the Wilson Education Resource Centre

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What a great lesson idea. I didn't know all this stuff. Great lens!

    • franstan lm profile image

      franstan lm 

      7 years ago

      Great unit on pirates. This is a great resource for any primary or elementary grade


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