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Planning Retirement Section 2

Updated on April 11, 2015

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We got a tractor and put in a temporary driveway and figured out where we are to put the house. Then we got started on building a shed. The foundation was the hardest part and getting the time to go over to the property and start building with the supplies we had managed to obtain was a little difficult during the summer. We managed to take a week off during the summer and on this particular week we had company. Ron's ex wife and her boyfriend decided to join us for the week. They were planning on looking at property near there but ended up not doing that. They helped us during that week and we managed to get through that ordeal.

With the shed built that week and a new hole dug for our bathroom duties we continued to enjoy the evenings and the sweetness of the cool breezes that flowed after the sun went down and the continued silence of lack of bees. That was also the summer of bees from hell. We had 30 to 50 swarming all day every day that summer. We had to wait till the sun went down to cook dinner. The bees would not leave us alone. The traps were constantly full. We also managed during that week to pull the roots out of the ground. We have a lot of Oregon Grape growing there and a lot of those plants are in our way. The only way to get rid of them is to poison them or pull the roots.

Now several years later the grass is starting to grow in the places the roots are dug up but we still need a lot of ground cover to keep the fine dust at bay during most of the summer. We still get quite a bit of dust clouds.

We continued to use the hole even though we had a trailer. Even our company who had brought their trailer to our humble abode had decided to use their inside toilet instead of our outdoor hole. Last summer we built an outhouse which is better than the hole in the ground because we can now sit instead of squat and we can have company who enjoy the inside bathroom to our outside one. After the outhouse was built we had a christening party for it with our neighbors who had helped us last summer. We still have a temporary door on it which we put up right before last winter. During the christening, however, it was an open door policy that night.

This summer we hope to build the latest in winter covers and generator covers which I hope will finally save our ears. Our last generators have been extremely loud and I still need to find a dinner bell.

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