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Playmobil Volcano and Dinosaurs

Updated on April 16, 2013

Playmobil Volcano and Dinosaurs Playsets

The Playmobil erupting volcano is a great toy for dino fans. It encourages role play and scientific thinking and it's also great fun! There's now a new version of this playset which includes a big T-Rex and paleontologist / explorer characters.

The earlier Playmobil Volcano made a cool gift for our son's 4th birthday. He was very pleased and it's still played with now he's 6.

The playset comes in a really big box so it makes a very impressive birthday or Christmas gift.

Image: The newer model Playmobil Volcano playset.

New Playmobil Dinos Range

Since I first wrote this page, Playmobil have brought out a new Dinos range which includes a new Volcano which has similarities to the one we have but is an updated model.

The new sets are excellent - we've taken a look at them in a toy shop. If you want to buy new then you'll want the new Volcano with Tyrannosaurus set. Or you can look for the new or original set on eBay.

Playmobil Dinos including Volcano

PLAYMOBIL Volcano with Tyrannosaurus
PLAYMOBIL Volcano with Tyrannosaurus

This is the new erupting dinosaur from Playmobil. You also get two big dinosaurs, two paleontologist figures and lots of accessories.

PLAYMOBIL Stegosaurus
PLAYMOBIL Stegosaurus

You can add some more dinosaurs to the collection like this very recognisable Stegosaurus.

PLAYMOBIL Explorer and Triceratops with Baby
PLAYMOBIL Explorer and Triceratops with Baby

The Triceratops with baby is now available separately (it used to be included with the volcano.)

PLAYMOBIL Deinonychus and Velociraptors
PLAYMOBIL Deinonychus and Velociraptors

And some cool smaller dinosaurs for the collection. Great for setting up a big prehistoric scene in the playroom.


I'm not sure why this set is called Triceratops and Baby - the Volcano is definitely the main event. The volcano has a trigger mechanism to make it erupt firing four rocks into the air and revealing the lava underneath. For a small boy this is just wonderful! My four year old triggers it over and over again, delighted each time! Playmobil have helpfully made it very easy to reset the volcano, just push down the lava and put the four rocks back on.

The volcano also acts as a cave, great for putting dinosaurs and figures inside. And there's a moving rock that allows you to bury the dinosaur skeleton. It has foliage and a grass area too.

But, yeah, the exploding is the best bit.

The Triceratops and Baby are really well made as you expect from Playmobil. Both dinosaurs have moving legs and the big one has a moving jaw so he can chomp leaves in his beak.

The set includes two figures. Our four-year-old (DS1) understands that people and dinosaurs didn't exist at the same time so we've had to introduce time-travel, yeah that doesn't exist either ... Ah well it's good for the imagination.

One figure is a paleontologist or explorer. He has a gun, which we weren't too sure about, but I guess there might be carnivores around. He also has a case full of tools.

The other figure is a photographer with a camera to go around his neck and a tripod with a video camera.

The dinosaur skeleton is an excellent feature of this set. The paleontologist can discover a set of bones and build them into a skeleton. DS2 (aged2) says it's a Utahraptor skeleton. DS4 enjoys putting the skeleton into the hole in the side of the volcano and covering it with the moving rock.

The skeleton comes apart but stays together well when assembled. We have a rule that then skeleton must always be assembled when the toy is put away - hopefully we won't lose any pieces. It's very well designed and great fun for role-playing a dinosaur discovery.

In traditional Playmobil style, the set includes lots of small pieces. As well as the camera and tripod for the photographer, and the gun, case and tools for the paleontologist there's also a radio, a clipboard and an animal trap with a lizard. There are a few stickers to stick on as well.

I'm nervous about losing the small pieces. But the kids love them.


Our Playmobil Triceratops and Baby came with a large brightly colored poster. My son was very pleased with that! An added bonus.


Assembly didn't take long, but is worth doing in advance of giving as a gift. There are a few pieces that need to be fitted onto the volcano. Young children won't want to wait while you figure it out. Older kids will probably want to put the dino skeleton together themselves but we assembled it to reduce the chances of pieces going missing. We put it back in the box and our boy was able to play with it as soon as he opened it.

Note that the volcano erupts with a mechanical trigger. No batteries needed - excellent! (Note to grandparents: parents love presents that don't need batteries! And kids love presents that explode. You get to please everyone with this present.)

Playmobil Triceratops with Baby - with erupting volcano

Update: This is the older Playmobil volcano which we have (and which is out on our playtable as I write.)

My older son really enjoys role-playing with this set. On the afternoon after his 4th birthday he looked up from it and said 'Mum, when I'm bigger I want to be a scientist and find out what dinosaurs looked like when they were real'. We had a chat about paleontologists. As geek parents we couldn't be prouder :-) Definitely happy with this toy.

Update: My son is now six and still wants to be a paleontologist (and an archaeologist and geologist too!)

Playmobil Volcano on eBay

You can usually find both the new and old versions of the Playmobil volcano on eBay. The older version is likely to be used now, which can be great value if most the pieces are included. Check that the dinosaur skeleton is complete - that's really cool to put together and it would be a shame to have any bones missing.

Do your kids like Playmobil? Dinosaurs? Do your kids have this toy or want it? We'd love to hear from you.


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