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Polar Bear Wallpapers

Updated on December 26, 2012

Polar Bears

Polar bears are probably a very underestimated animal as far as size and strength goes, based upon the marketing efforts to tie them into alleged global warming damage, where pictures of them in faux vulnerable situations make them appear to be somewhat weak.

Contrary to that media-produced image, male polar bears are actually powerful animals, and along with the Kodiak bear, the largest of all bears, weighing up to 1,500 pounds, with some bears going much higher. Female polar bears are about half that size on average.

Even so, some of the most compelling of polar bear pictures are those of the female bear walking around with or interacting with their young, as well as images of the baby polar bears frolicking or playing in their natural habitat.

Baby polar bears are especially cute, and make for terrific subject matter for photos, and by extension, wallpapers for computers and other screens.

We'll look at several polar bear wallpapers now that you may want to use or get some ideas from. If you want more examples, do a search using the terms "polar bear wallpapers" to get a bunch more of them.

Wallpaper of Polar Bear Baby Crawling Up Mama's Back

Now this is a fun and encouraging polar bear wallpaper that would be enjoyable to have available to see on a consistent basis.

How cute to see the little bear struggling to get to a more secure place on mama's back.

Don't get fooled by this somewhat benign demeanor of the polar bear mother. If anything even hinted of danger for her cub, she would quickly turn defensive and ferocious.

But as it is, it doesn't get much better than this for a polar bear wallpaper.

Polar Bear Mama and Baby

polar bear mama and baby
polar bear mama and baby | Source

Giant Male Polar Bear

As mentioned earlier, male polar bears can easily grow to 1,500 pounds and more, making the female polar bears look small by comparison.

You can see that with this giant brute of a bear, which has none of the cute factor accompanying his persona. This is one serious fellow.

Nonetheless it is still a majestic beat, with a strong white color and thick coat of fur to make him look even bigger than he actually is.

If you need a little boldness to do or say something, just gaze at this guy for awhile and see if you can extract some of that swagger from him.

Big Male Polar Bear


Wallpaper of Big Male Polar Bear

Here is another wallpaper of an awesome male polar bear, this time sauntering along as if there is nothing in the world that concerns him. As far as predators go, he's right, as there is nothing in the wild where polar bears live that could threaten them in their natural habitat other than man.

This is an amazing polar bear, giving a much fuller view of how big he is and the shape of the bear.

With the last bear there was some inspiration in how to intimidate by staring someone down. This one shows off his walk in a way that seems to say, "see if I'm as tough as I look." I think he is.

Big Polar Bear Walking


Cute Baby Polar Bear Wallpaper

Now we're back to the cute side of a polar bear. Here we have one of the cuter wallpapers of a baby polar bear I could find.

This little bear is rolling around having fun on its back while nibbling on its paw.

It's a wonderful image that would be difficult to remain serious about difficult circumstances if taking some time to enjoy viewing this little bear without a care in the world.

Baby Polar Bear

Mother Polar Bear with Baby Bear Snuggling

As for a wallpaper of a mother polar bear spending time with its baby, it doesn't get much better than this.

You couldn't plan a better photo than this little baby bear laying its paw on the mother polar bear while looking out. You can see this little bear is feeling very secure while it gazes out at a world it's not too sure of.

Mama polar bear is also very relaxed with its baby safely nestled close to her heart. Very cool wallpaper.

Mother Polar Bear and Baby


Polar Bear Wallpapers

Polar bears are a fantastic study in contradictory poses, with some of the more powerful male bears and protective mama polar bears bearing powerful, fierce and protective looks.

At the same time you can see the playful baby bears doing all sorts of cute things while a watchful mama remains alert.

To me, this is what makes using polar bear wallpapers so compelling. Diverse pictures of them in very different circumstances and looks can be used to fit a mood we may be in or have, or one that we want to create for specific situations.

Whatever the reason, it's hard to remain neutral when looking at photos of polar bears, and that is the same with those we put on our computers or other screens to enjoy.


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