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Pop Culture in the Seventies

Updated on March 27, 2020
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I am a mother of three wonderful adult children, and I'm also a born-again Christian. I love to share my personal experiences.

Flash Back To The Decade Of The Seventies

A typical day in the 1970s was cruising in your car, while listening to your music on an 8-track tape player. It was cool (and common) to go to a park on a Sunday afternoon. Also, we would be satisfied just by cruising around, checking out the cars, and of course the guys. I can remember I thought I was so cool driving around with my red camaro, only to see one that looked exactly like mine, but cooler because it had big tires, etc. The bigger the better I suppose.

The time of the Baby Boomers, mood rings, bell bottoms, and Disco (for me my short mini leather black skirt with my high heeled boots). But yes, a lot of bell bottoms, and the wider the better.

Disco and soul music was my genre of choice in the 1970's. Anyone remember the bump? That was a dance move back then. Going to dance clubs and after hour clubs were becoming the 'groovy' thing to do at that time. The worst thing I remember is the wet tee shirt contest, nothing compared to today as I see my own children go to clubs, the women barely wear any clothes in modern society. Well maybe a little but not much.

I just loved the music of this era. Funky or groovy was the name of the game in the 70's. Stevie Wonder, Isley Brothers, Ohio Players, Kool & The Gang, War, Donna Summer. Earth Wind & Fire, Jackson 5, The O'Jays, Bee Gees, and the list goes on and on with the talent of music from this time. Some of thee absolute best music (in my opinion) was in the 1970's.

The Stud

Many guys had long hair, I loved the ponytail look on them, with one ear pierced, that was so hot back then, and still is as far as I am concerned. Those guys were called studs. Then there was the afro hair, again the bigger the better, just as long as it wasn't on me. Oh we can't forget the high platform shoes on most people.

There was a lot of pot smoking as I can recall in the 70's, at least with the crowd that I would hang out with. Now that doesn't mean that I necessarily smoked it. Well maybe on occasion but not often. We would often play pool and foosball after school, and sometimes hitch a ride and go to the park. Far Out! Groovy!

Facts In The 1970's

Here are a few facts that happened in the decade of the 1970's

  1. Did you know that facelifts were first attempted in the 1970's?
  2. Microwave ovens and VCR's became commercially available.
  3. In 1972 the pocket calculators were introduced.
  4. The first MRI image was published in 1973.
  5. The 1973 oil crisis caused a move towards smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles.
  6. 1974 U.S. President Nixon Resigns.
  7. 1975 was the year that Microsoft was founded.
  8. 1976 North and South Vietnam join to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  9. 1977 Elvis was found dead, and Star Wars was also released.
  10. 1978 was the first test tube baby.
  11. 1979 Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Sony introduces the Walkman.
  12. A movie ticket cost an average of $1.50
  13. The 1970's were the growth of women's rights.
  14. The Beatles split up.

The Decade of the 70's

Back to the 70's

Was the 1970's one of the best decades regarding history?

This book gives you all the facts about the decade of the 70's, yup that is right. It is written so that anyone can understand. Plus it shows very nice pictures where you can go back into time even if you were not part of that decade. If you were, it gives you a lot of memories to think about and enjoy.

Trends of The 70's

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disco stylehair styles and the Charlie s Angels back in the 70'smen's fashion
disco style
disco style
hair styles and the Charlie s Angels back in the 70's
hair styles and the Charlie s Angels back in the 70's
men's fashion
men's fashion

Womens - bell bottoms

Actually they are coming back in style. Here are just a few selections so lets get the groove on and go with the far out look and look so cool. :)

More 70s Songs

view quiz statistics

This is me in the 80's - but still dressing like the 70's

Wearing my jeans and hairstyle like a hippie. I liked wearing hair bands that went around my forehead instead of on top of the hair, it was very cool. The time of the 70's seemed to be an environment where the people were more friendly.

The movies were of good taste, not like today where there is a ton of cussing and the child is telling the parent what to do.

I go to see a funny movie and I am disappointed because it is nothing but sex involved and it is actually quite stupid. There are few and far in between that are really funny and of good quality.

The songs actually had meaning, but now you can't even understand half of the things they are singing or 'yelling' about now. There are a few exceptions, no bad intent.


You could get a huge candy bar for a nickel and now the same candy bar is over a dollar. The gas was cheap the cost of living is way up from the 70's. There seems to be more people under stress with more worries that can't cope with the challenges of the 21st Century.

School isn't even safe to attend anymore, going shopping isn't safe, in fact just going to see a movie or out to eat isn't entirely safe anymore. The 70's is a time that I miss, it was so different then what life is today. The memories are so much better all around.

The technology has the teens and children of today losing touch with reality, it isn't the same like it was in the 1970's, where the children played out all night in the neighborhood and the parents looked out for each-other's kids, and one another for that matter. Now you can't even trust a neighbor. It is so sad especially for our children and those who have grandchildren of this Century and the decades to follow.

I miss the 70's; I miss the music, television, prices, fashion, and behaviors of people in general. The 1970's are the best memories that I have in my mind.


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