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Use positive discipline to discover the real you

Updated on September 15, 2009

How to discover the real you by using positive discipline

By using positive discipline, the real you is better than you can ever imagine.Since our brains don't age, but continue to expand with new awareness, it's being conscious of your decisions, choices and resources that enables you to discover the real you with positive mental attitude and discipline.

For example, every decision we make is made from five factors:



3. Peer pressure

4. Personal knowledge and resources

5. Accurate knowledge.

It is only those who have succeeded and failed many times over that can give us accurate knowledge.Therefore when you make daily decisions based on on accurate knowledge, we increase our conscious awareness and chances for success 95%.


Competition is the struggle for the same objective

In discovering the real you, acquire a personal quest for excellence.You do this by constantly competing with yourself for improvement by constantly making yourself better. People often ask how you can maintain consistency and perserverance.The answer is simply competition.Compete against yourself on a daily basis.

Competition has made many of my dreams come true and with the basis of positive discipline, you can too. It has shown me that desire, dedication and positive discipline along with determination are much needed tools when building a dream.

Through competition, I have found out who I was, who I wasn't and who I am.Positive discipline has given me the energy to fight when I've been challenged and it has taught me how to be strong when faced with other much stronger than I am in my career and it has taught me to believe in my heart that with positive discipline and a positive mental attitude, there is nothing that I cannot do or acomplish in life.

Win or Lose

Whether you win or lose, if you compete fairly, squarely and believe that you have given of your best, you are still a winner.To compete with yourself is a healthy way to maintain motivation in your goals and dreams.

When the world keeps changing the rules and throws all sorts of adversity in your face from globalk warming to recessions and swine flu, the ability to dust yourself off and compete against yourself on a daily basis is what will see your dreams and aspirations being fulfilled and see you become wealthy. So compete now for the rest of your life.

If Failure can't be eliminated

Why bother. Because....

If you challenge yourself to become a peak performer and put all you have into everything you do, whatever you do , you will not eliminate failure, you won't eliminate disappointment, but what you will do is gain yourself some self respect.

When your personal philosophy is to discover the real you through positive discipline and improving self esteem and you have an intense desire to do your best, regardless of the outcome, you will always stand tall in your own estimation.

To lose does hurt, but when you realise that you haven't tried your best, the disappointment in ones self is even greater.

So when someone tells you what you can't accomplish and what you won't be able to do yourself or be something, decide to be your own hero and challenge yourself. The power of self preservation and determination is an amazing feat and should never be doubted.

Do what ever you believe you can do.


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