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Practice of Champions __3 Real Cases in Music Sport and Science __Natural Talent Meet Found Passion

Updated on January 29, 2013

The Element by Ken Robinson PhD Creativity Expert

My acquaintance with Ken Robinson is relatively new as among the most well recognized expert in education and creativity. He is an Englishman who apparenently lives now in America in LA area as he discusses in his classic book "The Element: How Finding Your Passion Chanegs Everything" (Viking, 2009). This book is available at the Fairfax County VA Public Library.

"The Element" is surely an important classic book. The wisdom of creativity and innovation in this book comes from a scholar with academic credentials that are impressive.

And yet, Robinson's talent as a motivational speaker (see is TED.ORG short viedo available on the internet and referenced on the link list below on "education & imagination" topics ) . The style of The Element is easy to read and understand written with many real life examples from his personal interviews with "champions" . Equall valuable is his observations of kids and adults of all age.

This wealth of experience of the author is surely valuable for those in education, business or people who in arts and science to appreciates the priority need to strengthen the role of imagination and creativity in both arts and science at both individual, and community levels.


3 Champions__Found Life's Purpose

Music Sport and Science

I took the opportunity to explore on my own life and times of three "champions" whose personal examples and interviews are part of this book.

Paul McCartney__ A Founding Member of the Beetles

In music, Paul McCartney of the Beetles is mentioned in a number of chapters in the book as McCarteny and Robionson apparently came from the same community in England (Liverpool) and attended the same school .

Their lives crossed path number of times in life. But McCarney did not find his natural talent easily and went through much difficulty in school till he did find his "element" and recognized it, and connected in music with others. It's a really a fascinating example of a "Champion" who is well known in America. But most of us are simply not lucky enough to find ourselves accidentally and with family or community support as often important for people to find themselves.

Ken Robinson Key Points__Education Tranformation ? - His Ted.Org presentation in education (Utube Link Provided Below )


Our masss society in USA and elsewhere is still stuck on the 19th Century metntality of getting the "right answer" and not "wrong answer" with little appreciation for the power of creativity or importance of "innovation" for music or for science as the fascinating example given below for Richard Feynman, the physicist who won the Nobel in Physics in 1965.

"Standards" of "No Child Left Behind"__ One Shoe fits all as pointed out of a recent education policy in USA as example of this culture that still dominates USA. It's a culture in public schools here in the second decade of 21st Century.

Photo Album 01__Champions - Who Found Natural Talents to link with Life's Work

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Ewa Laurance Champion of Billiard__ A Neighhorhood Sport mostly for Men in America - Pool Room__Biliard Club


Came to America as an immigrant for Scandanevia and became a legendy woman billard player who won the European as well as the American billiard, known as "pool" in America . In America, pool is a man's game and rarely women venture into it. Neibhgorhood Pool rooms are in small communities as well as large ones in most every hometown USA.

There are pubs with poolrooms in the backroom. Here is a young lady who somehow got introduced to billard by a family member when young and took to it like duck takes to water and dedicated her life to become a woman champion in a man's world.

It's an astounding story of dedication to a neighborhood sport in America. Someone who found her calling in life in this game where excellence by a woman is rare indeed.

Team Work - Innovation & Creativity Conversaion


Education Transformation - Arts such as Drama Can help Kids Prepare for Careers of the Future in Science and Technology and Music Arts


Feynman and Physics


Philianthropy Via KEPPS at Fairfax NOVA__Metro DC Hub - Knowledge Economy Philanthropy Partners (KEPPS) Music Events


Practice of Champions - PHilosohpy of Life Time


Bridge to Arts & Science__Cafe Twin Preview


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