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prayer for Airlines

Updated on October 18, 2010

Taking back the Airways

  1. Lord we come against the  spirit of Retaliation in the hearts of the wicked that would prey upon our airlines industry.
  2. We ask for protection against terrorism and militant groups who has developed hostility against the airlines.
  3. We pray that every plan and plot that would cause destruction in the airways would be discovered before they are put into effect.
  4. We pray that you would give the CIA, Homeland Security/ FBI the wisdom and the technical capacity to arrest the enemy before his plan is put into action.
  5. We thank you for bringing confusion upon the enemy’s camp as you did in the days of Gideon
  6. We thank you for the grooming of intercessors, like the “Gideon 300” that would stand before you daily interceding on behalf of those in the airline industry.
  7. We pray for your provision for these intercessors as they stand betwixt the porch and the altar crying out for the salvation of this nation and its airlines, for the glory of God.
  8. We pray that you will watch over every airline, giving comfort and a atmosphere of relaxation as they take off from their point of departure and arrive at their destination safely, to the glory of God.
  9. We bless and thank you Lord for airline attendants; for the pilots, air hostesses and air Marshall.
  10. We thank Lord for the ground personnel in the airline industry; the mechanics, those that work as ticketing agents, baggage handlers, security and even food suppliers, that they would be committed to excellence, for they too are ordained of God.
  11. We pray that all those in the Airline Industry will do their job as unto the Lord who gave them life.
  12. We speak peace should trouble arise and know that you will give peace and deliverance to all them that call upon your mighty Name.
  13. We thank you Lord Jesus, for we know that you will save them from the day of destruction.
  14. We thank you O God, that you have ordained air travel for your purpose to manifest your glory upon the earth.
  15. We thank you for the dominion you have given us in the earth realm and we declare that air travel is included in that dominion.
  16. We bind every principality and every ruling spirit that would attempt to dislodge the dominion and authority of God given to his people and loose it to where God would have it to go.
  17. We break the spirit of bondage that brings about the fear of flying because of suspected acts of terrorism.
  18. We declare that God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of love, power and a sound mind.
  19. We declare that the airlines industry has the authority to operate unhindered by any acts of terrorism.
  20. We declare that the people of God will travel from hither to yonder on Eagles wings for the Lord God has purposed it that He may be glorified.
  21. We declare that the conviction of the word of God will arrest every terrorist and that they would be overcome with guilt and give their lives to the Lord Jesus.


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