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Updated on August 29, 2011

You should try your best to be prepared for kids,a date,constructive criticism ,a breakup,some arguments,new people in your life,for drama-nip it in the but right away when it shows up in your life,sassy kids,people not liking you,greedy people in your life,unexpected expenses-save money,for school,college,joining clubs.getting married,long work days,lack of sleep-unexpectedly.for bad weather in your area,your child graduation-time fast fast,unruly teenagers,evacuations if need so,having kids,losing a job-have a backup plan,and to pray daily because life can bring to where you can always call on God.Most of these situations we will experience at one time or another in our lives.Each one of us handle these situations sometimes a little different than others.These experiences help makes us better people and is always connected and innertwine with other people lives.Some of us goes through these changes sometime early in our lives,and some of us when we are a little older.Changes will come and they will go.It is how we come out as a humanbeing because of the changes we been through,hopping it is for the best of all parties involved.Always try your best to be prepared for these changes.Thank you for taking the time to read my hubpage Try to be prepared,Joseph Potier


When people know the changes that will come about in their lives being prepared for them most of the time will make for easier transitions to follow.Always be willing to face changes and to make them because sometime change can be a positive step to a better future.So take the time to think about the changes you may have coming uo in the near future.


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