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Preparing for Prison

Updated on February 18, 2013

In many states, all it takes is a DUI to be sent to do time in prison. Although it may only be for a one month period, many people are not prepared for what is coming to them. Mental and physical preparation is essential for anyone going to prison, even if you have been there before. The prison atmosphere is not the same as what you see in the movies, although in some cases it is not that much different. No matter why you are headed to your prison sentence, first you should be appreciative that you have this time to prepare for your future environmental change.

Physical Preparation

When you hear physical preparation this does not mean building up your body strength so you can beat up other inmates. The idea behind this type of preparation is to burn off your stress and anger. It can be much easier to feel sorry for yourself and become depressed, what you need to do is the opposite of what you are feeling. Get out and run, play sports and work off the stress that is weighing down your body as well as your mind.

Prison time does not mean you are losing your life, it means you are getting a second chance to evaluate your life without all the distractions life can present. Take advantage of your time so you can learn from your past judgement errors. Take the time to prepare yourself for what prison has in store for you and you will come out of your sentence more mentally stable than when you went in.

Mental Preparation

Mental preparation should be first on your list. After you have learned about your indictment it can be hard for anyone to really imagine what is going through your mind. But it is no secret that you are scared, angry and maybe even in denial. It is just human instinct to want to blame this consequence on those around you, anyone around you. The problem with this way of thinking is that it is not only destructive but it is non-productive. Whether you are going to prison for 30 days or 30years, you don’t want to spend these days riddled with anger and in such a state of denial you no longer even remember how the events actually unfolded.

The hardest thing is to admit that you put yourself in this situation. You made the choices that got you where you are and you are the one who committed the crime. No matter how much you would like to blame someone else, you are the one who ultimately made the decisions and therefore no one else can be blamed for your current situation. If you can come to grips with this reality you are halfway there. Looking for the positives in your life may seem ridiculous because you are going to prison and may feel like you no longer have a life but getting into the right mental state is the key to surviving days in prison.


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    • profile image

      pate 6 years ago

      This really helped me. Even though im only 14 and at max going for a month, but it is still scary for me. So thank you for writing his article.