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Stop excessive sweating problem

Updated on December 11, 2016


Sweating is not a problem but excessive sweating is a problem. It is a natural thing and sweating is a must as it balances the body temperature and reduce heat from our body. But if you are having a problem or excessive sweating then you have to think as it can reduce your self-confidence and also you are feeling tired and it also affects your social life too.

Why to Sweat?

Sweating is completely a natural process and everybody must have to sweat as it helps to maintain your body temperature and keeps you cool from inside. When temperature increase the sweat glands present inside your skin release the temperature and hence you sweat. It depends on person to person, some sweat less while some sweat more. The best way you can check whether you are having problem of excessive sweating is, if you are doing nothing still you sweat or if you are just walking in the normal temperature still you sweat that means you are in this problem. A research conducted on excessive sweating and result is about 3 to 4% of total populating are having this problem and this happens just because your sweat gland is extra active to release more sweat.

Thrive Facial Scrub:-

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I also have a problem of excessive sweating and I tried this product and it helps me a lot and after using this product my skin feels fresh and smooth. The mixed scents of grapefruit, vetiver, star anise, lemon, orange, and clove make this wonderful for both men and women. Also the best thing which I like about this product is, it deep cleaned without drying out my skin.


Ways to control Excessive sweating:-

There are many products available in the market that can help you control your sweat. Products like Deodorants, Roll on etc helps you control sweat on your armpit. There are some natural ways also that can help you to control your sweating problem in a very easy manner and it won't require any hard work, So by taking some simple steps you can easily get rid of that.

Natural ways:-

List of Six natural ways to control sweat:-

1. Facial Scrub.

2. Corn Starch or Baby Powder.

3. Turnip juice.

4. Sage tea.

5. Baking soda.

6. Dietary changes.


Facial scrubs:-

Facial scrub is helpful to get rid of excessive sweating on any part of the body like back, underarm etc and is the most preferred method used to control it. When you are doing scrub on any part of the body it will create a fine layer on that part and hence clear the pores on the skin, during this process you feel like you skin release more sweat but after cleaning of pores you will get positive results. Important thing you must have to remember that facial scrub should not be used more than thrice in a week.


Corn Starch or Baby Powder:-

Another way to control sweat naturally is by using corn starch or baby powder. Corn starch or baby powder both works on the same principle both absorbs the sweat from the body and make you feel comfortable. By using corn starch or baby powder you can easily control your problem of sweating. You can use corn starch or baby powder on that part of the body where you most likely feel sweat.

Turnip juice:-

To reduce Sweat go for turnip juice. Its basic function is to control the activity of the sweat glands. But the most common question that comes in everybody's mind is how to make a turnip juice. To make turnip juice is not a difficult task and anybody is quite capable enough to make the juice. Take turnip and rub it on the grater and you will get a semi-solid part of turnip. Next is to take a fresh cotton cloth and put the semi-solid part of the turnip into it and then squeeze it.

Great you are ready with your turnip juice.


Sage tea:-

This is one of the most recommended method to control the problem of sweating but many of us are not familiar with this. Everybody has its own mindset and most of them thinks that sage tea won't helps them to reduce or control sweat but it is a most efficient method for those who had tried this. The functionality of Sage tea is same as turnip juice as it also works on the activity of the sweat glands. Due to this sweat glands will not work more actively and will not release more sweat. If you want to take full advantage of the sage tea "drink 2 cups in a day."


Baking soda:-

Another natural method to control sweat is Baking Soda. Its function is also same as corn starch and baby powder. It also absorbs the sweat from the body. It also helps to clean the pores and make them free from toxins so that your body releases less sweat. But remember one thing excessive use of baking soda may harm your skin.


Dietary changes:-

And out of all, a small change in your diet makes lot of difference. You may not notice but some foods may lead to excessive sweating. You have to eliminate spicy food, caffeine, onions, hot drinks, sugar and the foods that cause excessive sweat. To control the sweat drink plenty of water. you will be hydrated as well as you will not have any bad odor.

Some additional steps that you can follow to control sweat:-

Wear cotton clothes that absorbs sweat.

Try to avoid hot drinks and always drink cool liquids especially water so that it maintains the level of the body.

Always use good deodorants and wear light color clothes because dark color absorbs more light which causes more sweat.

These are some natural steps that you can add in your routine to get rid of the problem.

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© 2013 Mayank Agrawal


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