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Printable Homeschool Pages

Updated on March 24, 2014

Printable Homeschool Resources

Free Printables

* Different Ways to Explain Ideas

* Sheets for Organizing Test Scores and more

* Blank Maps

* Printable Posters

* Help with Math

and more...

Organization is very important for any classroom. The more you're organized, the less stress you'll have. If you often find yourself frustrated because you can't find your daily schedule or because you didn't get around to making one, you know what I mean. Having a place for everything and everything in it's place makes not only your life easier, but your entire families, too!

Dittos to Explain School Work especially for visual learners.

I also try to make posters or dittos to help my kids learn a new skill. I'll post those here as I use them. If there's something that you would like to see or an idea you have, please feel free to ask me for it in the comment section below. I can't promise to create it for you, but I'll do my very best. If anything, maybe I can point you to another resource to help you.

*Fun Printables?

*A Specific Topic?

*Lesson Plans?


...or maybe you didn't know what you'd find.

What are you hoping to find here? - What you need maters to me!

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    • mommafox profile image

      mommafox 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks Elizabeth. I try to point to as many free resources as I can. I do link to many other resources on Amazon for a variety, but all the Fun Printables have free sections. My dittos are always free.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago


    • mommafox profile image

      mommafox 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks for the request Tiffany. School's about to start again for many, and it's time to get back into the groove of things. I'll be posting more soon.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      fun printables

    Multiply and Divide with One Variable

    Click To Open and Print
    Click To Open and Print

    My son was struggling with the book explanation of how to solve problems with a variable. I came up with this way of describing the process to him so that he could comprehend and complete his work. If your child is more visual and learns better with a more simple approach, this may help. Feel free to print out the ditto for your personal use.

    Learning the States - for all types of learners

    Click to Download and Print
    Click to Download and Print

    Download and Print the blank Map for your children.

    It's more difficult for some students to learn the states. As a visual learner, I had trouble memorizing them. That's why I made this paper for you to use when teaching your children. You can use it as a teaching tool in your homeschool. Have them write the states in each space.

    Learn a New Portion Every Week

    We live in the West, so we start with the west, north to south. Each day we point and say each state's name up to the point we're learning. First it was Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and California. The next ween we added Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona (always starting with Alaska and working over to the row we're working on that week).

    Visual Triggers are Great for Memorizing

    Since my younger children are more visual, I printed out this blank map and asked them about the states. What do you know about the state of Arizona? What's the first thing you think of? My daughter said "Arizona Tea." So I asked her draw a can of tea in the state of Arizona. I gave the kids the project of filling in the states with little pictures of what they thought of when they thought of that state. My daughter put Hannah Montana in Montana, a new sombrero with the tag still on it in New Mexico, and a California Girl in CA.

    Pictures Make Learning Personal

    Learn where the states are, find capitals, and more at The Fifty States webpage

    Fun Printables

    Looking for more? Here are some links to explore.

    Keep Track of Test Scores - Click the image to print

    Click to Download and Print
    Click to Download and Print

    Now that you're teacher, you need to keep track of scores to calculate grades periodically. This is something I made up for my own use and wanted to share with you. I hope you find it useful. If not, maybe it'll give you an idea on how to make a form that's tailored more to your needs.

    How to use this form:

    The subject space (i.e. math, english, spelling tests, science, and history...)

    The score space is for the number correct out of the total number possible

    (i.e. 45/48 the % space to the right is for the % correct 45 divided by 48 or 0.9375 or 94%)

    The larger space under the score and % boxes is for the date, chapter, or any other information you may want to add.

    Total the chapter scores at the bottom at the end of the semester for a total grade for each subject. You can also add together test scores and daily work before calculating totals.

    Daily Student Schedule Form - Click the image to print for personal use

    Click to Download and Print
    Click to Download and Print

    Schedules Foster Independent Learners

    Some children need to know what to expect. Having a schedule is also a good way to foster independent learners. When you write down what your child needs to accomplish, have them check off each section as they complete the work. Once it's all filled out, they're done for the day.

    Older Children Can Fill in the Chart Themselves

    For older kids, you can write the assignments on the board and have them copy it or give them oral instructions on what pages for each subject they're responsible for that day. For younger children, you may want to write in the assignments in clear print.

    Recycle / Reduce / Reuse Ideas:

    Cover the paper with plastic and erase when done. This way, you don't have to waste paper making a ton of copies.

    Another way to keep track without paper is to put the schedule on a white marker board.

    Homeschooling Forms

    Line Math Instructions - Click the image to download for personal use

    Click to Download and Print
    Click to Download and Print

    Sometimes, it's easier to use tick marks to count, especially for subtracting larger numbers. This ditto explains how to use it and provides practice space at the bottom. Write in your own or have your child make up theirs. We have "Math Wars" at our house. The parents and children do basic math on the white board as quickly as possible. The kids love to win this one, so they learn to count and memorize these quickly after time.

    A Favorite Quote

    "I am a Real Mom, not the Martha Stewart of Home Schooling."

    - Maggie Hogan

    Weekly Schedule - List the entire week's schedule on one page

    Click To Download and Print
    Click To Download and Print

    Teach Time Management

    Time management is so important for a homeschooler. Teaching our children to manage their time from an early age will help them in their future success. You can use pictures for the children who aren't reading yet and early readers with simple words. The older the child is, the more responsibility they can have. Consider having older children help in making the schedule.

    Schedule Obligations First then Flexible Time

    Write in the areas that are required at certain times throughout the week first then add the more flexible areas. For instance, your child has a meeting with the teacher every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., Piano Lessons every Monday at 3:00 p.m., and Soccer practice on Friday at 4:00 p.m. Then you can schedule Math, English, Science, History, Art, lunch, and park visits. Giving your children a choice in the scheduling makes them feel powerful and in control of their lives. It not only empowers them, it also increases their self-esteem and makes it easier for them to handle those situations that they have no choices in.

    Give Children Choices and Increase Their Self-Esteem

    Don't leave it all up to the kids. They need guidance in time management unless they're much older, like high school. For younger children give two choices. You could say, "Okay, now for 9 a.m. Would you prefer English or Math first?"

    Add Chores if They're Part of the Child's Schedule

    If you're child is responsible for chores, you might considering adding them throughout the schedule. Do they do chores in the afternoon, the morning? 8 a.m. might list: Make bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and feed the dog, in the space allotted.

    Keep it Neat and Organized

    If you need more room, print out two sheets and put them back to back in a folder or binder. You could even place the papers in a plastic sleeve for durability. If you don't expect your schedule to change much, you don't have to print a new one each week. A plastic sleeve is a great way to store many of your forms.

    Rounding Poster - When they just aren't getting it

    Click To Download and Print
    Click To Download and Print

    My daughter had the hardest time getting the concept of rounding. I tried all the little tricks I could think of or find online. I thought the cute poem below would help, but she still didn't understand.

    "Find you number,

    Look right next door,

    4 or less, just ignore,

    5 or more, add one more."

    Then, one day, I came up with an idea on how I could explain it differently. I drew the numbers on the white board and explained how 1, 2, 3, and 4 are just too weak to lift the number up, so they drop the number down. 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are very strong though and can lift the number up to the next level. You have to look at the number to the right of the space you want to round to in order to know if it's strong enough to lift it up. I made this ditto for others to use if they are having trouble teaching their children as well.

    There's some samples below for you to help explain it all. Please feel free to leave comments for me. I'd love some feedback from you if this works. If there's another method you've used that's worked, please share it with others.

    Rounding Samples

    Click To Download and Print
    Click To Download and Print

    Here's four samples you can use to show the visualization. I've underlined the number place that we want to round to and colored the number to the right to show how to look there to see if it's a strong enough number to lift up or is it weak and drop it down?

    Click the image to download and print the samples. You can cut them into 4 pieces and show them one at a time or leave them as one sheet and cover them with a piece of paper to avoid confusing the student.

    I'm interested in helping parents as much as I can. Let me know what type of things you need the most help with. You can leave comments after you place your vote.

    What Area do You Feel You Need Most Help With?

    See results

    Quotes Worth Keeping

    "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats

    "I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." - Albert Einstein

    Fact Family Poster - Explaining Fact Families

    Click To Download and Print
    Click To Download and Print

    Click the image to download and Print the Fact Family Poster.

    When I was working on fact families with my daughter, she just couldn't get the concept that add and subtract go together while multiply and divide are a separate family. I wrote it different ways on the white board, but it still didn't click; so, I made this picture to show her how the families are divided. I explained to her that Multiplication and Division are married (multiply is the girl, divide is the boy, and the facts are their children) I set both houses next door to each other so she could visualize the separation. I added the children on the sidewalk in front of the house. If multiply tries to go with subtraction, she's cheating

    Finding that "Ah-Ha" Moment

    One thing about teaching, it can be fun to figure out what helps children's lights turn on. That "ah ha" moment is exciting. Books aren't always the best things to use. Use all three learning styles to get the lesson across. Hearing, Seeing, and Doing. Kids learn through play best of all, so use that to your advantage. Make the most out of play situations to educate your kids.

    I hope this helps someone else explain fact families. Let me hear from you if you found it useful. Please feel free to leave comments and requests if there's something you need help with.

    Printable Reading Log

    Click Image to Download and Print
    Click Image to Download and Print

    Print and keep track of the minutes that your child has read each day with this ditto. You can use a 3 Hole Punch to store in a 3 ring binder or simply set them inside a folder.

    Read 30 Minutes Every Day

    Reading every day is so important. We spend at least 30 min. a day reading, but younger children should read for at least 15 min. You can either read to them or let them read to you. I have my kids at least 15 minutes during the day and at least 15 minutes at bedtime. Breaking the time up makes it more enjoyable for them. Instead of writing title and author of the books as we read them, I set the books in a basket until the end of the week. If needed, I write how many minutes they read and the name of the book or magazine if it's not something I have any longer. If they read a magazine at the doctor's office, I'd scribble the name and time on a notepad to toss in the reading basket later. Each child should have their own reading basket.

    Guestbook Comments and Requests

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      • BunnyFabulous profile image

        BunnyFabulous 4 years ago from Central Florida

        I'm checking out whether homeschool is the next step for our family, and I love getting ideas. Thanks for all these great ones!

      • mommafox profile image

        mommafox 5 years ago

        @phoenix3423: I'm so glad you've found the site helpful. If there's anything you need help explaining, drop me a request here. I will do what I can to assist.

      • profile image

        phoenix3423 5 years ago

        thanks for all the info. I am not a homeschooling mom but have 2 kids and 2 nephews in school and I need all the help I can get to keep them and myself interested and organized.