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Fun and Printable Math Games For Kids

Updated on September 27, 2014

Make Math More Fun For Your Kids!

Making Math more fun for your kids can be a little difficult when your kids tend to lose concentration fast and are more interested in video games and DVDs. You can use printable math games to make Math more fun.

In this page you will see some free printable math games that are fun and can keep your kid occupied for hours. If they get stuck, try to help them out but let them try out the games most of the times. If you help them out more than necessary then it won't help in their learning process.

Have fun learning Math!

Printable Math Game Sheet #1 - Circle Rows and Columns - A Strategy Math Game

Circle Rows and Columns
Circle Rows and Columns

This is a game for 2 players. You will need two pencils. Print this Math game out and have fun!

Rules :

1. Players should take turns to color 1, 2, 3 or 4 circles in a row or column. Make sure to see that if you are coloring more than one circle (2, 3 or 4) then the circles should be in the same row or column. In the bottom row, up to 5 circles can be colored in each row or column.

2. The winner is the player who colors the last circle.

Printable Math Game Sheet #2 - Twenty-Seven - Practice strategy and addition to 27


This printable Math game requires 2 players.

Rules -

1. The player who plays first colors a hexagon.

2. The second player then colors a hexagon that should touch the first colored one.

3. The player then adds this number to the number of the first hexagon and say aloud the total.

4. Players then take turns to play and follow the steps 1-3 again.

5. The player who reaches the number 27 exactly first is the winner. You should not go over 27!

6. If a player colors a hexagon and this blocks the other player from having a go they

also lose.

Some Fun Math Ideas/Games For Kids

Math games you can play with your kids!

Practice Multiplication Tables/Facts

This is a fun game which can be played in two groups and is suitable for children over 5 years. If you want your kids to find multiplication facts fun, then this is the game for you.

Take a board and write the answers to multiplication facts on them. For example - 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 21, 24 etc.

If two teams are playing, then one person from each group will stand near the board. A caller will call out a question - example: 8x3. The person standing near the board who points first to the answer scores a point.

You can use variations of this game to include addition, subtraction, division and recognition of numbers/integers.

Hangman Variation

This can be considered as a numeric variation of hangman. For example consider an equation like 8+7=15, then you can use 6 dashes to hide the entire equation (_ _ _ _ _ _).

The guesser has to guess the symbol along with the digits. You can use more complex equations as well as calculators depending on the age of the players.

The Addition Game

1. Choose a number from 1 to 9

2. Take turns in adding numbers up.

3. The person who reaches the sum of 100 exactly first wins.

Example : 6+7=13+8=21+9=30+7=37+2=39+8=47+5=52+9=61+5=66+8=74+5=79+6=85+5=90+1=91+9=100

Player 2 (in bold) wins.

Fun Printable Math Board Games #1 - Rows and Columns - Interesting and fun Math board games to keep your kids occupied!

Rows and Columns
Rows and Columns

This game requires 2 players. You will need markers.

1. Players will take turns in placing a marker on the board.

2. Markers should be placed in such a way that 3 markers should not come in the same row or column.

3. The player who places the 3rd marker on a row or column loses.

4. The markers need not be placed beside each other.

Fun Printable Math Board Games #2 - Odd and Even Tag - Interesting Board Games For Your Kids With Odd and Even Numbers

Odd and Even Tags
Odd and Even Tags

This game requires 2 players. You will need two differently colored markers and dice.

1. One player is odd and the other is even.

2. Both players take turns to throw the dice.

3. The 'odd' player will move his marker on the board if his dice shows an odd number whereas the 'even' player takes turns when he/she gets an even number.

4. The player who overtakes the other player wins the game.

Fun Math Card Games For Kids

Some really interesting fun Math card games

You can play the following Math games with a deck of cards (with colored cards removed and aces given a value of 1).

Fun Math Card Game #1 - Addition Quick Draw For 2 Players

1. Deal out the cards.

2. One player calls out 'Draw' and both the players will place their topmost card face up in the center.

3. The player who adds the two cards up and tells the total aloud first gets to keep both the cards.

4. After all the cards are used up, the player with the most number of cards wins.

This game can be used for other variations including multiplication, division and subtraction.

Fun Math Card Game #2 - Fifteen with 2-4 Players

1. 3 cards are given to each player.

2. If 3 cards sum is equal to 15, you can keep your cards else return the cards to their stack.

3. Deal again.

4. The game continues for a set time and the player with the most number of cards wins.


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