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Which course is better for you in university study

Updated on October 17, 2014

Select a suitable course for study

Most of the brilliant student hessitate to select a suitable course in their university study. Selection of a suitable course in their university study is very important things. Different influencer factors are involved in selection of an University degree course. This selection is important in Bachelors level of study. The future career is mostly depends on the study of undergraduate level courses. Because, undergraduate level university courses is the longest course for student. The factors that influences on selection of a suitable university courses, are economical condition, students behavior toward the course, market value and demand of the course in job market. Educations main theme should not be just for earning. But for learning. But yet some of the factors are affacting on selection of the suitable university course for a student.

The factors affacting on selection of university course

The relationship among the influencer factor of selecting a suitable university course for study is complex. But it is possible to describe to reach in an approximate decision. First description is about the factors are given bellow,

Students behavior toward the course: In this case consider the term behavior. Students behavior toward the course means how the student have an attraction for that course. How enjoy students feels when he studies the course. Simply to say that what a love have for this course. If the student do not like to study comfortably this course. He will not do better in this subject. Most of the case other persons decision to taking this course make a great harm. Suppose, your father may like that his son will be a doctor, but you like computer science. It is better to you to take computer science as your bachelors degree course. Because you will do better in computer science, because you love it.

Perception: perception is another factor that means how capable the audiance is a topics. In a same class by a same teacher, every student will not understand equally the topics. In this case each student have no same perception. Any student who can understand mathematics easily, may be so difficult for him to undestand Chemistry. In this case he should take mathematics. Because he will do better in mathematics.

Demand of the course in job market: It is a considerable matter about the demand of the course to the employer. Is this course is appropriate for your country and overall economic context.


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