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Art therapy

Updated on February 11, 2016

my own work

This is my in my monthly expo.
This is my in my monthly expo.

How to be happy using art as therapy.

We all have been in hard times in our lives and sometimes we don't know how to act or get over those situations. Sometimes people find it easier to start eating a lot or to start smoking instead of working in the problem. This is very natural when you lost someone you love, for example, or when you lost your work or ended up a relationship. This behavior will never cure what is happening to you inside, instead, you will find that is harder to start feeling good.

So what can we do?

It is very important to understand that we are having a hard time and that we can find better ways to feel fine.

One very important option is to get some help with qualified people. You need to find the way to talk about how you feel or think and a psychologist is the best person for that!

If you already have that kind of help but you still feel like something is not ok, you can find some other ways to understand and face what you are feeling. It could be maybe running or perhaps you like to cook. All activities are good as therapy.

But there is a very interesting way to know what is happening with you: Art therapy! It's easy, cheap, you don't need to be an artist and the best thing: you can do it by yourself. Art therapy is not about making sculptures or painting a master piece, all you need to do is find the material you feel good with and let you imagination and feelings do the rest. I would love to tell you about how I used this to feel better.

3 years ago I lost my dad in a car accident. As you can imagine, I was devastated. I wan't able to eat, sleep or go anywhere. It became a deep case of depression fastly and I started looking for help. Some months after, I was looking at my nail polishes and an idea came to my mind: making paintings using them.

I started making a very simple paint. After that my mom looked at what I've done and asked me to make a paint for her, so I made a beautiful black cat. I started realizing that all I was thinking about while doing those paintings was nothing! So I painted more and more and suddenly I had more than 20 paintings.

A lot of people told me that I was talented and a friend of my told me about an expo with local artists and I had a great idea: Take my art to other people. I must say that my paintings now are colorful, full of life and happiness and now this is what I do for living.

So, how can you use art therapy for you?

1- Get the materials you need. It could be maybe colors, maybe just a pencil or perhaps a material to make sculptures, it's up to you.

2- Find the place to do it. I like to work on my bedroom while listening to music. A calm and safe place is a good idea to work in.

3- Let yourself go! Don't over think it. If you feel like you have to paint a mask, do it! this is not your mind working but your heart.

We all can create paintings or drawings, this is not about how beautiful they are but about how powerful and full of feelings they are. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel good while doing it and with the time, you will see how different your work was at the beggining and how great it is now.

Have you tried it yet? Tell me about about it and share your work with me!


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