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Unique college magazines

Updated on January 26, 2016


1)ZIPPED-SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY- the most pertinent thought in today’s student is fashion, Syracuse university has been evident of the relevance of fashion for today’s peeps and thus provides students across the university with zipped; a fashion based magazine; which serves the purpose of identifying new trends, providing latest news on fashion and serving crucial issues in the industry of fashion and beauty.

2)VIM- MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY- VIM is the first MSU’s fashion based magazine, it was founded by Kerry Chereskin, Julie Christopherson, and Lauren Christopherson in February 2010, the foundation of the magazine took quite a time, as the need for identifying fashion was never a priority for MSU, but by the initiatives of some motivated people VIM laid its foundation, and gave a voice to fashion on campus, which students were looking for. The team received faculty advising from WRAC professor Danielle DeVoss and employs another PW student, Emily Drake, as the web editor. VIM was mutually decided to be kept open for all those who wanted a copy, and, therefore, it was made available at local hot spots.

3)RELEVANT- CHRISTIAN COLLEGE- This example is not quirky, but is definitely something different and inspiring, RELEVANT is a Christ-centered magazine, it covers faith, culture and intentional living, the concept of the magazine is based on the fact that god is relevant to us in every aspect of our lives. RELEVANT successfully reaches about 23,00,000 twenty and thirty something Christians per month through all the sources of connection, it gets published via print, iPad, as well as daily online. The creators of RELEVANT define themselves as- “we serve the creator, so we love great art whether that is redemptive music, movies, books or design. We are daily seeking to show how God is at work in the world and in our generation.”

4)ISIS- OXFORD UNIVERSITY- Oxford university is the oldest university in the united kingdom, and its first magazine ISIS was published in April 1892, the historical value of the magazine is one which makes it distinctive from all others. One of the features of the magazine that survive today is the ‘Icons' section (then known as ‘Idols'). Some of the Idols featured pre-1939 were Lord David Cecil and T. E. Lawrence; it wasn't until 1935 that the editors judged a woman worthy of being featured as an Idol – Lady Katherine Cairns being the first.

ISIS gave and gives a platform to the significant wonders as well as disaster happening around. For example The H-Bomb was a significant topic for debate in 1958, and the magazine published a whole issue on the subject consisting of unsigned articles. Two of the undergraduate contributors, William Miller and Paul Thompson, were both ex-national service, nd wrote about British Intelligence operations on the borders of the Soviet Union.


which of the above is your favourite?

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