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Time Travel - Back To The Past - Yesterday Once More!

Updated on February 20, 2018

Back To The Past - Where Is My Computer?

I wake up and find my room exactly the way it was decades before. The walls are covered with posters of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, with pictures of Thor, the Silver Surfer, and Clint Eastwood, and of course a hand sketch of my version of the artist's impression of the time machine from the famous science fiction novel on time travel by H G Wells.

Wow! I say to myself, it's yesterday once more! How I missed all those things that were once familiar to me!

Then there's my old desk, the drawers of which were filled with comics. Wow! Those comics, how I missed them. I did not even remember what I had done with most of them. Now they are all here, safely in the drawers of my old desk.

the time travel theory involves understanding many issues, one of which involves exceeding the speed of light
the time travel theory involves understanding many issues, one of which involves exceeding the speed of light

I see my old shelf on which is placed a Decca record player linked to the amplifier of the transistor radio which I had not seen for decades.

Everything was familiar. Refreshingly familiar! So what's the big deal anyway? It really is nice to see my old record player and that chest of drawers full of comics, that familiar wall plastered with posters, my very own drawings ... but, still something is very queer! Something really is bothering me ... but what?

But, never mind, I am indeed glad to be back here, the yesterday that I missed so much is here once more!

going back In time - is time travel really possible?
going back In time - is time travel really possible?

However, something at the back of my mind is still bothering me. Can't really figure out what it exactly is. Oh, never mind, just let me check my e-mail. But ... where on earth is my computer?

Computer? What computer?

I work my way into the sitting area and find the old dining table once more and the furniture that our family purchased in the late sixties. Here's that Telefunken radio, with only AM and no FM.

FM? what on earth is that? Sounds familiar to me alright, but I am beginning to wonder why I even got to mention it in first place? On the dining table I see my father's Olympic typewriter, along with some sheets of blank white paper, on top of which is that metal paper weight.

I also noticed that my father has neatly clipped together are two sheets of paper, and in between was a sheet of carbon paper. Good Lord, carbon paper! I have not seen these things for decades!

Ha! ha! ha! My father is old fashioned, he really is! Why does one need carbon paper and a typewriter in the days of computers and printers? Say what?

Computer? What computer?

All of a sudden there is a loud funny familiar sound. It's the telephone. It rings, loud as ever! Familiar indeed, so very familiar, welcome too, since I have been missing all these for a very long period of time, as it seemed.

It was just like yesterday when all these things happened.But ... how did I miss all these things and for how long?

I answer the phone like I have done hundreds of times before. It has no keypad at all. Only a dial. What about our CDMA phone and my mobile phones? Hey, what's going on? Why do we need a phone like this, in this computer age?

Computer? What computer?

reviving memories of yesterday once more ... back in the past ... a delightful era to be in
reviving memories of yesterday once more ... back in the past ... a delightful era to be in

Going Back In Time?

The newspaper has already arrived. The news headlines is as usual boring. It is something about Leonid Brezhnev.

Breaking news is an important section in this newspaper and today there is something about China launching its very first satellite.

The inset which contains more important news under the caption "Latest Breaking News," shows some pictures of the first F-14 Tomcat.

I go straight to the cartoon page. There is Tintin, Tarzan Of The Apes, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, the Peanuts, Dennis the Menace ... well why bother, I could log in to their respective websites and check out the latest happenings.

I don't have to wait for the newspapers, right? Thanks to the Internet and my computer I could just log in and ...

Computer? What computer?

Elvis Presley's movie "Fun in Acapulco" is being advertised in the page dedicated to entertainment. Released seven years ago, this was the fifth time this movie was being screened in the city and it was clearly stated that this will be the very last time too.

Running to packed houses at a cinema close to where I live. Wow! How come I missed it all these years?

Ha! I just have to check out you-tube, and I can access all of Elvis's movies. But where on earth is my computer?

Computer? What computer?

I see advertisements in the newspapers that I have not seen in decades. There is one which says "try a little VC-10derness." It is an airline advertisement. An airline known as BOAC, which stood for British Overseas Airways Corporation, has acquired a new aircraft called the VC10, jet propelled of course.

But what's the big deal? I am confused. Really confused. Why are they making a fuss out of an outdated aircraft. Perhaps I could log in and check out a review. I'll do a Google search on that one. Let me just switch on my computer and ...

Computer? What computer?

the creation of the time machine has been predicted
the creation of the time machine has been predicted

Oh God! ... This Time Travel Theory Has Hit Me Real Hard!

Yes ... where is my computer? ... OH MY GOD! It has just dawned on me ... I have been dreaming! Now I that I am wide awake ... there are no such things called computers after all! There may be, but you need an entire building to house one, and only the government can own one.

Mobile phones? Lol! It is even illegal to use a walkie talkie. Only the members of the armed forces are permitted to use walkie talkies. CDMA phones? Impossible! Even the telephone on the wall with a closed circuit connection is unclear when someone calls from far away. How can a telephone without any connecting wires at all, simply function?

But how come all these are all so vivid and real in my mind? ... It is almost as if I had actually posessed and used these devises of the future, as if I had actually assimiliated with the technology of the future!

The time travel theory which I was so deeply contemplating over, trying to figure out if it really is possible to create the conditions suitable to move forward and backward in time has really blown my mind to bits!

having gone back to the past with a desire to re-live yesterday once more ... and now, cannot get back to the future ... you need a time machine or some similar device ...
having gone back to the past with a desire to re-live yesterday once more ... and now, cannot get back to the future ... you need a time machine or some similar device ...

Time Travel? - Digital Cameras? - Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Digital cameras? What nonsense! How can you possibly capture an image, break it into millions of electrical impulses, and store them, in the sequence in which it was broken up and call upon them to reappear in the same sequence to cause an image to appear on a tiny screen?

What about computers? In that dream they used to call it personal computers. How can you possibly type on a keyboard that does not make a sound, and expect whatever you type to appear on something like a television screen, and by depressing a button erase every thing or a selected part of it, while you could chose different types of lettering?

Wow! Even being able to arrange the writing exactly the way you want, with headlines, and even inserting pictures with the help of a gadget which, although looks like a shoe brush, is called a mouse.

Let me recall some more from that dream. Yes, it was called e-mail. There is no postman involved and you do not have to physically mail anything.

You just type a letter like you do on a typewriter and press the button on the shoe brush like device and immediately someone thousands of miles away will be able to read exactly what you have typed, on their personal television screen which has a keyboard connected to it.

Really Wanna Go Back! - Back To The Future!

More incredible conveniences ... an instrument, called a "printer," made out of plastic, and which looks like a loaf of bread, and about the same size too, with blinking colored lights, spits out sheets of paper, resembling the pages of a magazine.

This device is linked by electrical wires to the computer and whatever appears on the television screen can be actually reproduced on blank paper.

This happens when you press the switch on the top left hand side of the shoe brush. The term used for this action was "mouse clicking!"

You can design your own magazine page with the help of the keyboard and the devise called a mouse! Funny name though!

What more, you actually see what you design on that television screen and are able to even make alterations before you employ the mouse to make the "printer" slowly spit out the printed page.

Wanted - A Time Machine

GOD! What I would give to live in a world like that! Unfortunately it was only a dream, although a long one. However it is downright comforting to know that these things are totally impossible, even in the future.

I would succeed in raising roars of laughter if I discuss my dream with anyone.

They would of course attribute it all to those Thor and Silver Surfer comics, and to Star Trek and to the various other science fiction comics that were widely read at that time.

What would my brother say if I tell him that I had records smaller than his 45 rpm singles, which had no groves at all, and that one of them could play recorded music for hours, or several complete movies in color on the screen of the television associated with that devise called a personal computer!

Travel In Time? Mind Your Head!

My Dad would reprimand me for my lack of imagination! The only imagination that I was capable of, he would say, was baseless and incredible, imagination that does not make sense at all!

So I shall not tell him anything. But, right now, I really feel lousy. They say ignorance is bliss. I should not have gone to bed last night.

That dream really upset me. I feel depressed, and It would take a long time for me to accept the fact that it was only a dream.

Is Time Travel Possible?

It was so very real. I actually possessed all these weird instruments, and really did use them. I remember very clearly having a telephone in my pocket, a telephone smaller than a pack of cigarettes, on which there was a screen and a picture of the caller appears on it in color when I receive a call.

My car did not have gears either! I even used to carry a very slim brief case like thing which, when opened shows a typewriter keyboard at the base, and a screen at right angles to it. It functioned the same way as the "computer" which I had in my room. It had a funny name too. People used to call it a lap top! Ha! Ha! Ha! ... Laptop! ... What a funny name!

time travel - the urgency to get back to the future ... was it just a dream? ... how did I get here in first place?
time travel - the urgency to get back to the future ... was it just a dream? ... how did I get here in first place?

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Travelling Through Time - I Wanna Get Back!

Dream or no dream, having seen it all, how can I possibly live in a world without mobile phones, compact disks, computers, laptops, ... a world without Internet and e-mail, work at home programs, free advertising programs, a world without Google Adsense revenue sharing programs, without HTML, Affiliate Marketing, ... a world with no Blogger, no Clickbank products to re-sell, and a world without a brilliant site like HUB PAGES to which you could submit your very own original articles and have them published free of charge, and generate revenue too ...

Having had a glimpse of the future in the not so distant past, a strange form of nostalgia sets in ... a fierce longing to get back to the future from the past ... or actually the present, where I am right now, from where the future was so very real, before your very eyes.

It's true all these devises that were witnessed in the vision of the future are downright impossible. However, I really want to get back to the future, to live in that dream world forever ... travelling in time ... if only time travel was possible ... then I would know if these devises did exist, although I really don't believe they could.

Well, if these devises really did exist in the future, then how thankful should we be to all those scientists, engineers, designers ... to all those who made these conveniences possible?

Hey! Those of you who are in the future reading this article, are you guys grateful ... or have you simply taken these things for granted?

... concluded

Travelling In Time Or Otherwise You Will Certainly Get Back To The Past Soon. You Will Eventually Wake Up! The Past Has Always Been That Way. You Will Then Strongly Desire To Get Back To The Future - Is Time Travel Possible?
Travelling In Time Or Otherwise You Will Certainly Get Back To The Past Soon. You Will Eventually Wake Up! The Past Has Always Been That Way. You Will Then Strongly Desire To Get Back To The Future - Is Time Travel Possible?

Can We Know Your Opinion Please?

Would you like to go back to the sixties for good?

See results

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    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Well Dennis, there is reasonable evidence that time is limited in quantity and the perception of time is conducive to accepting theories that time travel is possible. Thank you very much for commenting here. :)

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      9 years ago


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      10 years ago

      if we travel in light speed away from earth , after some years we come back and see the earth in future, ie time was passing slowly as compared to that of earth.If we want 2 move backward in time , the earth must travel in lisht speed,that's impossible. are there any other way's to go backward in times. plezzzzzzzz answer it 2


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