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How to Make Report Card Comments that Rock!

Updated on August 23, 2017

How to Write Report Card Comments

Report card comments can be funny, helpful, confusing, irritating.

For many teachers the night before grades are due becomes a blur and it's possible the report card comments written on those late, long nights aren't a teacher's finest hour.

Still, report card comments are a chance to try to reach out from teacher to parent. Therefore, we want to try to make the connection as worthwhile as possible.

P.S. Add your comments into the debate about teacher's Facebook comments.

Report Card Comment Writing Tips

If you are a teacher, writing report card comments, the best way to get parents to listen, is to sandwich any criticism or suggestion between praise. For example:

________ is very outgoing and well-liked by his classmates. He needs to try to limit his talking and socializing during class time, so that he can learn as much as possible in class. He has great academic potential.


_________ is very likeable. Unfortunately he is so outgoing, that he sometimes has trouble remembering when to talk and when to be quiet. We will need to work with him to help him remember, so that he can reach his potential. He is a one smart kid.

Do you see the pattern: PRAISE -- Criticism -- PRAISE

Sandwich any critical comments between two positive statements about the child and parents will hear it much better.

Can't think of anything nice to say about a student? Take a look through the statements below and see what might fit.

Is learning to share

listens well

Is doing a better job on focusing on his work

is full of enthusiasm for school (or a particular subject or activity)

is very dependable

has improved his skills in ________

has great potential which he is working towards fulfilling

tries very hard

Is continuing to grow in independence

is gaining self-confidence

is a pleasure to be around

gets along well with others

has made substantial improvement in __________

I am hoping ______'s interest and improvement will continue.

Is cooperative and happy.

Is quick to volunteer

Takes part fully in all activities.

Has a very positive attitude which is a good influence on others

Has a great sense of humor.

Really seems to enjoy the _____________ we do..

Tries hard to please

Is hard-working.

Your support and encouragement are appreciated.

Is making steady progress academically.

Quality of work is improving.

Works well in groups.

Bubbles over with enthusiasm.

Has a sense of humor we all enjoy.

Work in the area of ______ has been especially good.

Picks up on new ideas quickly.

Is very mature.

Has a great desire to learn and understand.

Writes wonderful original stories.

Is a voracious reader

Is cooperative and, well mannered.

Is a happy, well-adjusted child.

Makes friends quickly.

Is well liked by classmates.

Has adjusted well to _____________

Other Inspiration or Tips for Teachers or About Schools - First Two Titles Give Great Advice About Report Card Comments

Perfect Phrases for Classroom Teachers: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Parent-Teacher Conferences, Report Cards, IEPs and Other School (Perfect Phrases Series)
Perfect Phrases for Classroom Teachers: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Parent-Teacher Conferences, Report Cards, IEPs and Other School (Perfect Phrases Series)

New in 2010, this book appears well positioned to help teachers who are "tired of the same old phrases" and looking to write something more meaningful on report cards, progress reports, IEPs, etc.

Oh and it has a Kindle edition, so if you need to read it TONIGHT and you have a Kindle, you can be reading in no time!

Freedom Writers
Freedom Writers

This is a great book whether you are a teacher or not. Very inspirational.


What Report Card Comments Might THEY Have Received?

What About Teacher FACEBOOK Comments

I'm figuring that folks stopping by to read about report card comments might have some opinions about Teacher's Facebook comments (or other publicly viewable statements). Do you feel that teacher's facebook comments should be considered fair game for parents and school administrators to pass judgement on? even hire or fire based on? Or are Facebook comments off-hours and therefore NOT part of being a teacher?

If you aren't sure, what I'm talking about here are a couple articles about Teacher Facebook comments and controversy around them.

N.J. teacher's Facebook comments about gays spark firestorm of controversy

Snarky Facebook comments no reason to fire teacher, judge rules

Do you feel that teacher's facebook comments should be considered fair game for parents and school administrators to pass judgement on? even hire or fire based on?

Advice for parents looking to help improve their child's grades in school

Other Ideas for Writing Report Card Comments

While it's unlikely you'll find a comment you can just cut and paste onto a particular student's report card, you can get many ideas for specific, positive report card comments grouped by subject on this report card comments website.

Or another aid in writing report card comments not only has sample report card comments, but also offers, a "school report writing system will make writing your report cards a quick and simple job." I haven't tried it out yet. so let me know if you do. Or......

If you know of other sources, please add a comment below.


Gotta a Report Card Comment You Want to Pass Along?? - Don't be shy.... tell us about a report card comment that made you laugh, cry, smile or simply shake your

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      Wow... this week this page has averaged about 200 visits. It must be the end of the marking period. Interesting the term searched for the most that brought people to this page was: positive report card comments.

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      It's a bit different from other systems in that while it does all the usual storing of statement banks and automatic replacement of names, his/her etc, it also lets you create drop-down lists for things like achievement levels, assignment names etc and include them in your statements. Why does this matter? Well it means that the whole report text is not editable until the last possible minute so it's more difficult to accidentally introduce errors. Probably makes more sense if you just take a look at the screenshot pdf at: ...

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