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Registered Nurse Jobs in Kentucky

Updated on March 25, 2013

Registered Nurse Jobs In Health Care Field

Registered Nurse
Registered Nurse

The recent economic recession and the current economic crisis have greatly affected the service sectors of the United States of America including the state of Kentucky. The people are finding it difficult to get jobs that can sustain their cost of living, and even already working professionals are retrenched from their jobs.

In such scenario, the students and professionals in Kentucky are seeking newer job avenues to meet their daily expenses, and the answer to their search ends with the health care field employments.

Reasons for Higher KY Health Care Field Employments

The reasons for the massive health care sector employments includes, this sector of the state is highly prospered and far advanced, and also locates numerous reputed hospitals and health clinics that offer ample job opportunities to entry level nurses.

In addition, the cities and urban center of the KY state is also highly populated with increased number of ageing population, needing constant cares from qualified entry level and advanced level nurses.

Theses factors have also surged the demand of qualified nurses that have resulted in the nursing shortage and different health care settings are finding it difficult to keep pace with the demands. In the process, many nursing positions remain vacant, as sufficient number of nurses can not be prepared from the nursing schools and colleges due to the shortage of nurse educators and instructors.

But, it is also a known fact that in order to avail these entry level health care openings, you must complete Registered Nurse Programs in Kentucky and pass the NCLEX-RN Exam.You have many options to serving in health care industry and can earn good salary in Kentucky.

Registered Nurse Programs in Kentucky

You must understand that the nursing skills and knowledge to safeguard the public healthy and welfare through quality and safe care can be gained by enrolling in a nursing school, college or university in the KY for the completion of Registered Nurse Programs in Kentucky.

The various ways that can be followed to complete the RN programs include:

A Diploma Program – This program is offered by the hospitals and the duration of this program is around 3 years. The completion of the program awards you a Diploma in nursing. You will also be offered eligibility to sit in the NCLEX-RN exam

An Associate Degree program (ADN) can be pursued by LVN or LPN to obtain ADN Degree and to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. The duration of the program is 2 years.

A Bachelor’s Science in Nursing or baccalaureate degree program is most common degree program attended by the students because various Masters, Post Masters, Specialty and Doctoral program requires minimum 4 years BSN Degree and RN Licensure for enrollment in these programs.

Accelerated BSN programs – The students or the professionals from nursing and other than nursing stream can enroll for Accelerated BSN programs that can allow them to earn their degree within 2-3 years in an accelerated pace and rigorous training.

The RN programs in Kentucky are accredited by either NLNAC or CCNE and approval is granted by the Kentucky Board of Nursing.


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