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Robin Sharma

Updated on March 5, 2013

Robin Sharma - The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

I don't know whether Robin Sharma ever had a Ferrari, but I know that this is one person who has had a great contribution in transforming my personal, professional and physical life. Robin Sharma's books have been a great source of inspiration and this person is the single most practical and levelheaded self help expert in the world today. His grassroots level thinking has helped me understand and discover the wonderful human being who has been lurking underneath a materialistic exterior. This is my tribute to the man - Robin Sharma

1. The man is simple. He lives his word.
2. Robin Sharma's books are awesome and at the same time very elementary and extremely practical. No preaching from the rooftop
3. Robin Sharma is the ultimate source of inspiration on leadership development

Did you know that

In February 2008 - Robin Sharma was named #2 in worldwide ranking of Leadership Gurus with Jim Collins, Tom Peters and Jack Welch

Robin Sharma's First Book - The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

A Book Review

For any person who has ever been at a point in life where he/she didn't know which way to go - whether to take the road less traveled or walk on the beaten down path, this book from Robin Sharma works like a GPS Navigation System.

It introduces you to your own true self,your own true values and beliefs and gives you the courage to take that bold step, that one step which could give your life a whole new direction, a whole new meaning.

It's never too late to begin. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. The protagonist in the novel only discovers that something's terribly wrong in his life - when he has a massive heart attack in the midst of a packed courtroom.Just think about this person for a moment

This was a man who had everything that you and me could crave for.

- Immense Wealth

- Women

- Fast Cars

- Fame

- And ofcourse- the coveted Ferrari

Basically he had the works, but yet his life was somehow hollow. He wasn't happy. He had a failed marriage. He had lost his health. He had lost his way.

That's when he decided to step up and take action. He took a sabbatical and wandered off the Himalayas where he met the wise Monks who taught him the timeless principles of living a happy and contented life.

Now before you begin to say, that you can't afford to head off to Himalayas in search of Nirvana,Hold on. Robin Sharma doesn't want you to. It is merely a metaphorical way of saying that you must take a hard look at your life and be totally committed to changing your life. You are responsible for the choices your make. This reminds me of the Robin's fundamental principles -which forms the foundation of many of his books and messages. His 3-step formula for success.

Awareness Precedes Choice which precedes Change.

With better awareness, you can make better choices and with better choices, you life will definitely change for the better

This book is an inspiration for all those persons who are so busy in shaping their lives and working towards their ideal life, that they forget to live their life along the way. They forget to the enjoy the little pleasures of life and enjoy the journey.

What I love about this book and about Robin Sharma in general, is all his messages or advice are extremely practical and can be implemented without having to quit our jobs and family and literally heading off to the Himalayas. The principles which are discussed in the book have a real world touch and are immensely believable and doable.

For those haven't read Robin Sharma - this is the place to begin. Trust me. This would really be the first day of a great life and you can make it happen.


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Daily Inspirations - Robin Sharma

A Book Review

This book by Robin Sharma is in essence a very simple book, but it can act as guiding force in your day to day life.

It has 365 days worth of daily inspiration. Each day is devoted to one particular inspirational quote or thought or idea. You can read the book all at once. One day at a time. One month at a time. But this is one book that you can keep reading again and again and again.

I have made a habit of reading a few pages of this book everyday before heading off to work. It really perks you up.

So if you are seeking non-stop inspiration throughout the year, this book on Daily Inspirations from Robin Sharma is not going to let you down.

Mega Living by Robin Sharma

A Book Review

Have you ever read a self development book, felt really great for a week or two and then slowly started sliding back to your oldself?

The primary reason why this happens,is there is usually no roadmap on how to implement these principles in your day to day life. Robin Sharma tries to counter this phenomenon through this book.

Mega Living is about a 30 day roadmap on bringing your life together on the right track. It provides you with day to day instructions on various aspects your life including food habits, exercise, will power techniques, relationship aspects.

By the end of 30 days you will notice improvement in each and every aspect of your life.

The best part of the book is that it acts like your life coach guiding you through each and every day and telling you what you need to do to improve your personal, professional and social life.

This is a must read for those who don't want to read through long discourses but prefer clear and concise instructions.

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PodCasts by Robin Sharma - Invaluable snippets of motivation

Listen to inspirational stuff from Robin Sharma. Links to the podcasts on the Robin Sharma website.

The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma

A Book Review

Very often I come across friends who do not like reading Non-fiction, philosophical books, because they are too long and boring and by the time the message of the book comes across, they have already fallen asleep. Also in this age, where time is at such a premium, it's important to get your message across as quickly as possible.

What I found while reviewing The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma is that this is a book tailor made for the ultra busy 21st century professional.

No small talk. Great Ideas - straight to the point. Every page has a new idea, new learning, new life enhancing tools. Eminently readable. 101 great ideas and very aptly titled as the Greatness Guide. It is in fact a guide which addresses several aspects of your day to day life.

For those who may have read Robin Sharma's other books, several of the ideas and concepts may be familiar, but it is the concept and layout of this book, that is the clear winner. You can keep reading a few pages every time you get a chance.

The other uncanny thing that I noticed about this book is that each time you read this book - one of the ideas will address some challenge or problem that you are currently facing in life. It's a great reference material for putting your life back in order.

Truly recommend both the books in this series - The Greatness Guide - by Robin Sharma. These are truly great books.

Some more Robin Sharma Books

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Who Will Cry When You Die?
Who Will Cry When You Die?

Would you like to replace that empty feeling inside you with a deep sense of peace, passion, and purpose? Are your hoping that your life will not only be successful but significant? Are you ready to have the very best within you shine through and create a rich legacy in the process? If so, this potent little book, with its powerful life lessons and its gentle but profound wisdom, is exactly what you need to rise to your next level of living. Offering 101 simple solutions to lifeâs most frustrating challenges, bestselling author and life leadership guru Robin Sharma will show you exactly how to recreate your life so that you feel strikingly happy, beautifully fulfilled and deeply peaceful. Specific lessons include how to: "Discover Your Calling," "See Your Troubles as Blessings," "Enjoy the Path, Not Just the Rewards," and "Live Fully So You Can Die Happy." This is a truly remarkable book that you will treasure for a lifetime!


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    • profile image

      sufined 4 years ago

      i have read almost everything by Robin Sharma. To very honest, yes he walk his talk !! a wonderful person who have transformed the way i think about life and work.

      God bless you sir :)

    • about-pomeranian profile image

      about-pomeranian 4 years ago

      I love his book "Who will cry when you die?"

    • profile image

      Short_n_Sweet 5 years ago

      I read some of robin sharma's books... he's really inspirational

    • profile image

      flashkid 5 years ago

      wonderful lens. Didn't know about robin sharma's website. The urls of blogposts and podcasts seem to have changed

    • profile image

      inspirationz 6 years ago

      I'm reading the monk who sold his ferrari right now for the second time, and it's just as good as I remember it! Robin Sharma is a wonderful author! His book is so full of wisdom :)

    • profile image

      inspirationz 6 years ago

      I'm reading the monk who sold his ferrari right now for the second time, and it's just as good as I remember it! Robin Sharma is a wonderful author! His book is so full of wisdom :)

    • whiteskyline lm profile image

      whiteskyline lm 6 years ago

      I saw him speak at a convention with Wayne Dyer, Brian Weisse and I believe Sylvia Brown, he was excellent!! I still remember a quote, that went something like, 'your level of integrity is inversely proportional to how much you act like yourself on the job', I have always loved that.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      book is amazing still ever can acept it even then he is not a philosphyical person i had bad experience in traveling were i lost my father 7 years back still i believe it cannot happen daily i am from brahimin family still i maintain the tradition i think iam thjnking to much of the accident how to over come my no 9620000064

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Thanks for reminding me about Robin Sharma and providing some helpful information to re-acquaint myself with him!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      oops your book is awasome and it inspire me a lot in my life. The title of that book is who will cry when you die

    • Lee Nitus profile image

      Lee Nitus 8 years ago

      Fantastic Lens on Robin Sharma. He is pretty impactful. I guess I don't have to create one now. :) Great job and thanks for creating it.

    • Webcodes LM profile image

      Webcodes LM 9 years ago

      Thanks for letting me know who this guy is. 5*. It is true.. I need to take some time to myself, especially in this recession...sigh.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Robin Sharma in Singapore and Malaysia (Early May 2009)

    • profile image

      ekta1007 9 years ago

      [in reply to ekta1007]

      oops , missed the link !

    • profile image

      ekta1007 9 years ago

      HI Lloyd ,

      Just completed my lens on Passionately passionate about passion yesterday. As I had told you, I will be sending it across to you, so rolling it. I hope you find it a good read.

      PS : I tried your Butter chicken {for dummies II } ( Minus chicken plus Paneer), it was good, but I think I used a little too less oil for the gravy ! But the feeling of the "Chef Master" was good.

      I am looking forward to more Foodie-Goodie !

      Thanks, and Keep writing!



    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Hi, We are the official organizer of Robin Sharma's Live in SG Event on 15th May 2009. Special Rates are available - Drop me a mail/sms now to or 9072 1661 now to book a life changing experience or enquires for more information!!! Tickets are running fast!!!

    • profile image

      SimpleMe 9 years ago

      Wow! It's great to see how people have benefited from his books. Imagine what you would have achieve if you are able to meet him in person and experience his energy!.

      I would like to share this opportunity with anyone who would be keen to know more. Please log on to or email me at I would be happy to share more about Robin Sharma.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      You are right. I have read the monk who sold his ferrari, greatness guide I & II, leadership wisdom. It has broaden my perspective of a great leader as everyone is a leader in their own right. Organization will thrive in this turbulent times if every one of their people practices the writings of Robin Sharma. Opportunity to meet him in person in Singapore and Malaysia. Please visit

    • ssuthep profile image

      ssuthep 9 years ago

      This is a wonderful lens. I had never heard of Robin Sharma before and I have learnt a lot here. Great interview. Thank you for introducing me to his works.

    • RickBasset profile image

      RickBasset 9 years ago

      Awesome lens, well done! I have seen his book on the shelves but never picked it up...I will now.

      Welcome to the "Books On Squidoo" group!

      Prace! :~)

    • dahlia369 profile image

      dahlia369 9 years ago

      This is one wonderful lens! Welcome to Self-transformational Books group