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The moon Landing

Updated on September 14, 2011

moon landing???

Hi ,its been some time since man has walked on the moon. A few people do not believe that we went to the moon. Why not??. I don't know. I was born in 1960 and was at school the day we landed on the moon. We were told we could leave early to get home to see it on the t.v. So i ran home as fast as i could and switched on the telly.Being all that time ago i had to wait for the valves in the t.v to warm up. After turning on the t.v., it was normal to have to wait for approx 1-2 mins for the sound and pic to slowly come to life. The sound would always arrive first and then the pic slowly came through all the snowy dots on the screen.This is in the days of black and white t.v. Anyway it was amazing to see Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. I remember how brave i thought they were. And i still do. They were true hero's in my mind. And then years later someone comes up with the idea that the U.S.A. gov lied about the whole thing.Those naughty buggers. Well when you think about it it was not just the US gov that was naughty. Lots and lots and lots and lots of people will have lied. And i mean thousands of people.`. We forget with the conspiracy theory that NASA went to the moon lots. They landed on the moon a few times and even left a motor-vehicle there. So they had to cover up and lie about 1/2 doz times over and over. They must have had to make up different landscapes and so on every time they pretended to go. Then they convinced all the employee's of the government, all the employees of NASA, all the top employee's of the Firestone rubber company, all the subcontractors, all the lighting experts, all the builders and electricians,plumbers, camera men truck drivers and packers, and all the other labourers that would have had to be involved to manufacture the top secret false moon somewhere in the desert. And whats more all these thousands of people from all walks of life managed to carry out this huge cover-up, without the Russians finding out. Silly old Russians, they would have loved to beat the USA to the moon. Or so they say. Maybe they were building a secret moon base on earth as well? . It must have been very clever to trick the Russian's, who were watching every move from the USA in those days.They had telescopes satellite's, spy's, you name it they had it. They would love to prove it never happened. But they wont ,as they were also very close to going to the moon, and if the US had waited much longer the Russians would have possibly beaten them. Anyway to get back on track all these thousands of people that had to be involved have never blown the whistle. Not one family member have blown the whistle, no kids, no upset employee's, not one single person out of all those people have ever been in enough money trouble to sell the story for a cool mill. As i do believe that if any man stood up and said that they were blowing the lid off the moon landing, they would be paid a lot of money, and it would be one hell of a lot .So lets for one second pretend that many people really have been keeping this secret. That's all good, but what about the filming?. In 1969 the best film makers on earth were the big film company's in Hollywood. M.G.M , Warner Bros etc etc. These people made there living from movies. They all wanted to make the best and most realistic films. Be it a cowboy film or a jungle film or a sci fi. I used to watch lost in space in the late sistys and early seventies. Lost in space was cool , and so were other sci fi movies of that era. However they were no where near as good as today's effects as we were still learning. We had no computer-generated special effects yet, as in 1969 computers were still in the process of being invented properly . It was impossible to pull off the special effects that would have been needed to fake the moon landings. I say landings as we went so many times to the moon and landed so many times that it makes it to hard to fake that many times , especially when you think what would have been required to fake it and fool the world just once. And we did it time after time after time. And all in the sixties and seventies. When you look at it its hard to believe that anyone follows the conspiracy theory at all. Also if you ask any film company ,they will tell you that they believe faking it was not possible with the technology we had then and that it would be cheaper and easier to just go and do the real thing. Computer experts all agree on the same type of thing as well. They say that it was just not possible for NASA to make better sci fi effects than film company's . Also if you ask any very well educated engineer or similar type person, they all say that the facts all point towards a real moon landing, and they don't suspect any foul play at all. And last but not by any means least is the most important thing. Respect . I dont believe that Neil Armstrong- Buz and all the other men , will lie to their children. Dont ask me how or why , but i just dont believe that these men who blasted off into space under millions of litres of explosive fuel, would lie to their Children. Thats it . Regards Grant


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    • Grant N.Z profile image

      Grant N.Z 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Took me a while to understand what you meant. But thanks i will accept that as a constructive comment, and i will learn to use Paragraphs. I am not being smart, as i am enjoying writing articles , and would like people to enjoy reading them. And its cool that so many people from anywhere on the planet can reply or comment.Thanks and have a great time ,and i hope you enjoyed it anyway.Goodbye from New Zealand. Regards Grant

    • rsquez profile image

      rsquez 6 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      Wall of text!!!! Paragraphs are your friend!