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Role of psychological counselors

Updated on May 26, 2009
Workplace counselors help.
Workplace counselors help.
How to manage emotions?
How to manage emotions?
Occupational counseling
Occupational counseling

Psychological counseling in corporate sector

Psychological counselors can have many roles in companies. Of course it would depend on the company and the services they offer for their employees. Counselors can help with employee assistance programs (EAP), collaborate with human resource, vocational training, diversity or multicultural training, and so forth.

Counselors can also be involved with college student recruitment or health programs that are some times implemented in companies. Again, it all depends on the company and how well you or the health profession markets itself to corporations as a service, they need to enhance employee productivity.

With a changing workforce, I think it is becoming more challenging yet exciting as counselors, and psychologists are trying to redefine their career to fit a changing society.

This is the age of stress. Employers of many companies are aware of the damage caused by this stress, so they are providing counselors to measure and to reduce the stress. There are some companies, which are offering counselor in health campaigns.

Psychologic counselors play a major role in any place. It may be academic, placement or workplace counseling, school, marital, any other place.

These are the people who try to make understand of other feelings, motivate, and try to cope with the negative feelings the person undergoes. At present, the way of living and environment is totally different.

The person needs some kind of guidelines to move further in their life, so the counselor plays the role of a guide and helper also.

Psychology surely helps one to take note and identify the existing problem, which in my opinion is a great start. And of course it helps a player to keep off the stress one faces these days, when compared to the past.

Psychology certainly is not magic but can be used as a tool to create one.

Condition of sports psychological counseling in India

When I asked about the "Sports Psychological Counseling in India" to one of my friend who is an avid sportsman, he told me sadly that "none of the coaches I came across during my tenure as a player ever made a mention of it. I can only conclude that either they did not believe in it or were not aware of it themselves. However, on the optimistic end, there are a few coaches of today who are now more open."

He said "Indian players/coaches/ administrators participating in the international circuit are now beginning to understand the vitality of sports psychology, which is a ray of hope to people like me."

"As a player, I surely have experienced all kinds of negative emotions too that come as a package, which at times seemed inevitable or too difficult to get a grip on, but some assistance at the right time, brought my focus back in action. In a nutshell, psychology in the field of sports can either be neutral or a complete booster, so I see no harm in sports psychological counseling.

According to me, I think that sports psychological counseling in India is already in practice but it's scope should be enhanced so that many sportsman who undergo a lot of stress in their career can benefit from this.


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    • mnvnath profile image

      mnvnath 6 years ago from Bangalore karnataka India.

      I am viswanath ,.I want to know[1] how did sport psychology start in India [2] what is the current scope and practice of sport psychology in India[3] which are the games that are employing sport psychology in India.. [4] what are the limitations of sport psychology in India