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The Great Sphinx… in the Carpathian Mountains

Updated on May 11, 2015

Romanian Great Sphinx

Romanian Great Sphinx is located in the Bucegi Mountains, which are part of the Carpathian Mountains, at an altitude of 2216 m. It looks like a staunch human figure carved in stone, with soft cap on his head pointing forward, with lips and chin proportionate and firm determined. His gaze is directed to the sky waiting for equinoxes. This appearance is most clearly when it is captured on 21st November, when the sun goes down.

Carpathian Sphinx has become one of the most important touristic attraction in Romania. They say there is an energy center there, once used by aliens. Many legends say that near the Sphinx there is a cave that would accumulate mysterious energies, which are attractive to many people passionate about this subject. Naturally, these are just other rumors, but many of the rumors in time are proved to be true. It is possible these ones to have the same fate. Remember German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann who believed that Homer's Odyssey and lliada could be true and so he discovered the legendaryTroy.

Romanian Great Sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains
Romanian Great Sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains

Carved Figures Found All Over The World

This kind of stone carved figures seems to be scattered all over the world. Peruvian researcher Daniel Ruzo, came in Romania in 1968, namely to see the Charpathian Sphinx, which he knew from a postcard. And found that the face of the Sphinx resembles the main face from a set of carved figures in rock on the plateau of Peru Marcahuasi.

Carved figures in rock on the plateau of Peru Marcahuasi
Carved figures in rock on the plateau of Peru Marcahuasi

Egyptians Left The Carpathians

The controversial historian Nicolae Densusianu said that the Egyptians left the Carpathians, through Greece, Asia Minor and Lebanon, to the banks of the Nile, carrying with them the Pelasgian spiritual heritage. Here is therefore the origin of the Egyptian Sphinx, in his opinion!

And even if we admit that Romanian Sphinx, along with Babele - The Old Women (strange creatures of stone that chat near the Sphinx) are only the work of nature and not the creation of removed ancestors, it seems that the nature has exceeded its limits. Might Babele be some cyclopean altars? For the action of nature only does not seem to explain their shape enough.

Babele (The Old Women), Bucegi, Romania.
Babele (The Old Women), Bucegi, Romania.

Another Sphinx...

There is also another Sphinx "from Toplet", in Banat, somewhere on one side of the river Cerna, then a Bratocea’s Sphinx, in Ciucas Mountains, another in the curvature of the Carpathians, on Teleajen river... Just a few interesting sites that can be found in Romania.

Sphinx located in Banat Romania
Sphinx located in Banat Romania

Researchers' Conclusion

After many years of archaeological studies, the Austrian researcher Klaus Dona concluded that there was a period in the history in which the Earth was entirely dominated by a race of humanoid beings, much higher than people today, a race of beings who possessed very advanced knowledge and technologies. Long, long, long time ago.

Perhaps they left the Earth during the great flood, perhaps not before they helped the human survivors, at higher altitudes in the mountains, to start a new culture, a new civilisation and a new life.

Nobody knows exactly how things happened, why they disappeared, when they left, or if they will return someday. The known ancient remainings seem to belong to them: huge buildings, big skeletons and skulls found almost everywhere in the world, megalithic monuments, huge statues and… writings.

Writings older than 6,000 years.
Writings older than 6,000 years.

This Writing Existed Once Worldwide

Klaus Dona mentions that ancient writings on stones, ceramics and terracotta were discovered "in certain countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Illinois (United States); Glozel, France; Malta in the Mediterranean; Turkmenistan, Australia, and in Southern Calabria, Italy just a few years ago. Always there are stones and ceramics – terracotta – with the same writing.

That means this writing existed once worldwide, and that means there must have been a global civilisation older than Sanskrit, older than 6,000 years. Professor Schildmann also told me that this writing has a little similarity to the Indus writing and also to the Easter Island writing. As he said, this is older than Sanskrit. He called this writing pre-Sanskrit."

 Pre-Sanskrit  writing from Tartaria, Romania.
Pre-Sanskrit writing from Tartaria, Romania.

Archaeological Site Near The Village Of Tartaria, Romania

It is my turn to mention that in 1961, archaeologist Nicholas Vlassa, initiated an archaeological site near the village of Tartaria, in Romania, in an area known for the frequency with which ancient remains of pottery and artifacts were coming to the surface, leaving the impression that they were grown there.

In Tartaria he found small stones with a writing older than 7000 years. They are a millennium older than Sumerian writings. Radiocarbon dating conducted by the American scientist Marija Gimbutas (who settled the Carpathian tablets are over a millennium older than those from Sumer), were confirmed in 1972 by the Bulgarian academician Vladimir I. Georgiev.

Carpathian tablets - over a millennium older than those from Sumer
Carpathian tablets - over a millennium older than those from Sumer

Could those ancestors be the creators of the Great Sphinx in the Carpathian Mountains? But, the answer...maybe with another occasion.

Europe - Romania:

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Romania is situated in the south-eastern Europe, on the western shore of the Black Sea.


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    • iain-mars profile image


      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very interesting - thanks very much. Great hub


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