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Salem Witch Trials

Updated on February 22, 2013


115 people in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, mostly women, were accused of practicing witchcraft.

The term "witch trials" resulted in the exection of 20 women and girls.

Salem Witch Trials of 1692

Witchcraft accusations were not unheard of in New England. Colonists brought these superstitions and beliefs that had been apart of their lives in Europe. Occasionally, people (usually women) were put to death because of being found guilty of practicing witchcraft.

A woman by the name of Margret Jones was executed for intemperate behavior, having a malignant touch, using suspicious medicines, and for lying in 1648.

Another woman who's name was Ann Hibbens was killed for having a suspiciously crabby nature. (we call this pms these days).

Footage of the Salem Witch Trials Memorial

A Town Bewitched

Executions increased in the 1680's, with the deaths of several women.

The youngest female that was jailed was Dorcas Good. She was placed in jail along with her mother when she was only 5 years old.

What Is A Spell?

A spell is a spoken or written formula which, in act of magic or divination, is extended to create or change a particular course of events.

EXAMPLE: The ancient Egyptians believed words were powerful enough that when you speak them, it would achieve the desired result.

There are spells that are both beneficial and harmful. A person can cast a spell on theirselves and others as well


Some practice witch craft still today.

Do you believe if its possible to have the ability to make something happen that is not natural?

I beleive in spirits but I do not believe humans have what we may call magical gifts.

I posted this Hub because this is just one of many things that are in the history of women and just one of the first 200 events that shaped our destiny

Do you believe there were witches?

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