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Sample Narrative Essay: Underwater World Adventures

Updated on August 3, 2012

What and Why

I came across this story and decided to publish it as an example of a nice narrative essay. It turned out to be really inspirational to me. Hope you'll like it too and it'll help you write great essays.

The Essay

Lily was a little girl who always liked adventures. She lived in a small cabin on the ocean shore with her older sister Mariah. All friends in school were always saying that Lily liked to make up stories and none of them was true. Nevertheless, the stories she wrote in her diary were full of genuine excitement and her bright imagination draw unbelievable and splendid pictures that were hard to make up even if one tried very hard. Despite her young age Lily's writing was quite mature and professional. She read a lot of books and dreamed to become a fairy tale writer when she grows up. She never showed her diary to anyone and kept it in a secret even from her sister. One day, however, when Mariah was cleaning up the house, she discovered Lily's diary and was astonished by the stories written there. Long after Lily grew up, Mariah kept reading these stories and wondering what a gift her little sister had acquired. Her most favorite story was about underwater adventures. Lily wrote it when she was sixteen. Here how it goes...

"August 15, 1998

Baking sun, salty lips, bare foots... wind flutters my hair and I can feel little drops of cooling water on my skin. Ocean shore is a place where I find peace within myself. It heals any wounds from the past and helps to gain energy and strength for whatever might happen in future. Water symbolizes great physical and spiritual power within itself. I feel myself comfortable and relaxed being a part of this power.

I feel being a natural element of water when I dive under it. My body integrates with the liquid around me and I enter a beautiful underwater world of unknown creatures. It feels as if I have landed on a different planet, where the law of gravity has no power upon my movements. Everything is calm and placatory, as if someone has put the life of this underwater world on the slow motion playback.

I don’t feel alienated, although every time I am approaching the shoal of cute little fishes, my body frightens them by its comparatively big size, and they avoid swimming further in my direction.

The sun sends its rays spying after dark stone mazes of this mysterious underwater world. From time to time some fish or turtle gets spotted under these rays, but this moment lasts only a second, and than this creature dissolves in the darkness of deep water. I pick up the brilliantly colorful coral and wonder how many years it took nature to create this fascinating little part of underwater world. I keep my eyes wide open to look for other surprises waiting for me here.

All of a sudden I see something big moving towards me. I get scared to face a shark or some other dangerous creature around. I don’t expect this to happen, since I am not that far from the shore and the water is quite cold for them to come this close, but my emotions don’t hear what my mind is saying and I start feeling adrenalin in my blood. Few seconds later I realize that the creature approaching me is a cute little cow-fish and I feel relieved and anxious to play around with this cow-fish for a while.

It comes closer and swims around inviting me to grab his body and to have an underwater ride with him. I gently put my arms around his tale and we start moving smoothly to the surface. Its skin feels so unusual that I am trying to store this feeling in my memory and later find the proper words to describe it.

When we reach the surface, I release the cow-fish and turn around to go back to my underwater explorations, but this little creature doesn’t want to let me go. His eyes are asking me to stay and play with him on the waves. It feels so safe around him that I decide not to miss this unique chance to stay around with this smart and fascinating cow-fish for a while.

We swim and dive under the big waves of an ocean shore and I am thinking about many unexplored sides of this world and its inhabitants... The cow-fish gets a call from his shoal. We say farewell to each other and part.

I still have some oxygen to get to the shore underwater, so I dive back to the depth. Now that I have a coral with me, I want to find some big seashell. They both would later remind me about this exciting adventure.

I go to the very bottom and turn on the light on my cap. I see many different crabs, lobsters and mussels moving between the stones on the sand. I am not sure whether they see me. I guess they are much more concerned with their food and safety.

I am impressed with the beauty of algae. They are dancing and shimmering with the variety of colors: red, brown, green... Seems like the ocean is greeting me waving with its many hands. Right in the heart of these waving algae I see a big peachy sea shell and a small fish swimming out of it. I pick up the sea shell and all of a sudden I get blinded with a light around me...

I woke up from this wonderful dream and felt a little bit upset that everything was gone: the cow-fish, the algae and baking sun with warm sand. And then I saw exactly the same sea shell lying on my bedside table. My uncle gave it to me last summer when he returned from his vacation. I thought that maybe the underwater world I saw in my dream was calling for me through this sea shell to come and experience this adventure for real... and may be when I come I'll meet the same cow-fish I saw in my dreams and we will be playing around and diving under the huge ocean waves."

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