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Saturn 1B Rocket

Updated on May 19, 2013

The Saturn 1B

The Saturn 1B was part of NASA's Apollo project. It was the first rocket powerful enough to launch the Apollo Command/Service Module (Lunar Lander) into orbit. The Saturn 1B first flew on February 26, 1966. The first manned flight was the Apollo 7 mission, launched on October 11, 1968. After the Apollo Program, the Saturn 1B was used for 3 Skylab missions in 1973. The final flight was launched on July 15, 1975 and carried a crew that rendezvoused with the Soviet Soyuz 19. The Saturn 1B is a fascinating rocket, and there are several models available. One of them would make a great addition to your model rocket fleet.

(Photo: NASA)

Apogee Components Saturn 1B kits - Awesome flying scale model rocket


Learn About the Saturn 1B Program - Any Space Program fan will enjoy this book...

The Apollo Project


Saturn 1B Rocket videos


If you want to learn more about the Apollo Project, Apollo: The Definitive Sourcebook is a must-have. This book weighs in at 633 pages with over 130 photos and illustrations. The book covers all the manned and unmanned Apollo missions in chronological order. The material is very "fact based" - if you're looking for a picture book, this isn't it. If you want to know as much about the Apollo missions as possible (including the astronauts' weights before and after flight, etc) this book is exactly what you need. Definitely a great addition to the library of any Space Program enthusiast.

The Saturn 1B makes a very popular model rocket - there are probably more flying model kits of the Saturn 1B available than any other scale rocket. Sizes range from the tiny Fliskits (9.316" tall) to the 1/48 scale kit from Sheri's Hot Rockets (over 55" tall). The Saturn 1B is a complex rocket, and so are the models of it. All of these kits require a high level of modeling skill, but if you are up to it they will all provide you with a great looking rocket. The larger models are easier to build, and the most practical kit is probably the Semroc. The Flitskits model is truly impressive for it's size but for sheer "awe" power the 1/48 scale kit from Sheri's Hot Rockets can't be beat. If scale accuracy is important, you'll probably want the Apogee Components kit.

Fliskits Saturn 1B Model Rocket Kit

Highly detailed Saturn 1B kit in 1/282 scale...

The Fliskits Saturn 1B is the smallest model of the Saturn 1B you can get. When finished, it's only about 9 inches tall. In spite of the small size, the Fliskits kt is more detailed that some of the larger kits of this rocket. A really nice thing about this kit is that it allows you to build it to different levels of detail depending on your skill level. If you like amazing things in small packages you need to check out this kit.

The Estes Saturn 1B model was a great kit with nice detailing and it's 26.75" height made it a very practical model. Unfortunately, it's out of production. This kit shows up fairly regularly on eBay but expect to pay crazy prices if you find one. The next closest thing is Semroc's 1/70 scale model, but it's quite a bit bigger at 37" tall. If you want to try your hand at copying the Estes kit, the instruction manual is available online, but you'll have to live without the styrene surface detail wraps that the Estes kit included.

Apogee Components Saturn 1B Rocket

Highly detailed 1/70 scale kit...

The Saturn 1B Model from Apogee Components is probably the most highly detailed flying model of the Saturn 1B you'll find anywhere. It includes vacuum formed and embossed wraps to give you the surface detail that is lacking in most "scale" model rocket kits and decals to finish the kit for all Saturn 1B configurations including the Skylab missions. If you're looking for a highly detailed flying model of the Saturn 1B, this is your kit.

Sheri's Hot Saturn 1B kit

This is one hot rocket...

The 1/48 scale Saturn 1B kit from CJS Aviation (formerly Sheri's Hot Rockets) is awesome. It stands over 55" tall, but it flies on G-rated motors so you don't need a special certification to launch it. If you want a model of the Saturn 1B that will "shock and awe" your friends, this is your kit.

More books on the Apollo Project - Perfect for your personal space library...

Useful Links

Model Rocket and Saturn B1 Rocket links...

The Apollo Saturn Reference Page has photos of Saturn Rockets and the Apollo Spacecraft

The Saturn 1B Fact Sheet contains lots of good information on the Saturn 1B

The Skylab Saturn 1B Flight Manual is available online - very cool!!!

NASA's Saturn Launch Vehicles is also very cool and available online

The National Association of Rocketry is a very good source of information on model rocketry

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    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 5 years ago from Southampton, UK

      It would be awesome to build one of these models. I have seen one of these at Kennedy Space Center, and also the giant Saturn V. I remember watching the Apollo missions on tv in my teens, it's still amazing now.

    • profile image

      Pangionedevelopers 5 years ago

      congrats, great info