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Scholarship Essay Examples for Graduates and Undergraduates

Updated on June 29, 2012

When I was about to finish my bachelor degree, I was looking for guidance to write my scholarship essay in order to send some applications to some of my preferred universities. What I have learned is that that you can easily master to trick of writing an essay if you take help of your seniors who has already got through a scholarship program. Do not stick to just one sample letter- read as many samples as you can. Follow at least four to five samples and examine the format, and then make your own format as you find it looks decent and valuable. In this hub, you will find an example of scholarship essay, which I have made with my personal experience and the format that I followed earned me a full scholarship to a renowned university of the world.

First of all you need to make up a draft or outline of what to want to include in your essay. The following are the most important list that you can consider about to prepare yours.

Things to include:

  • A brief introduction of yourself. Tell about something about your birth place and your family.
  • A little bit of your academic life, mention which subjects you loved to the most and why.
  • Give a convincing reason for why you choose that school where you are applying for your scholarship. Collect as much useful and latest information about the university and mention only the relevant information in your essay.
  • If you have attended any seminar or have published any research paper or anything that demonstrate your analytical, leadership or organizational skills.
  • Mention a recent achievement of the institute if you are aware of it. You can use website or can use Google to find the latest information about the university.
  • If possible, show your essay to your seniors or friends for feedback or even you can think about asking help from your academic mentor for a review.

Things to avoid

  • To not drum up too much about yourself. Give some relevant information about your academic achievement.
  • Use simple words to explain what you want to say. Avoid the use of fancy words.
  • Make sure that your essay has not even a single misspelled words and double check for your grammatical errors.
  • Describe you future plan by stating that where you want to see yourself in future and also tell about your dreams which are novel in nature and your country will be benefited from your dream, if it is materialized.


Here comes the example of scholarship essay:

I am (write your name), born in (your city name, country), has completed my bachelor degree from University of Pennsylvania live in a small and beautify town with my parents and my only sister, Carol. My father is a business intelligence expert and my mother is working in a high school.

During my academic life I used to find keen interest on graphic designing and always used to secure the highest possible graded in that subject. With the encouragement of my mentor, I had participated several graphic designing competitions including an international competition, where my design was selected for the second prize. My thesis paper was about the application of artificial intelligence in graphic design, where I have showed that with the help of AI programming we can create graphics with much less CPU utilization.

I have always heard about the wealth of facilities and quality of faculty members of your university from my teachers, who were also a passed out student from your university. The recent innovative research on graphic design on your university has inspired me to apply for your university since you already have a great pool of expertise in the field in which I intend to pursue my research or courses.

I have been a member of IEEE student chapter of my university and have been actively involved to organize quarterly seminars and also presented several of my papers. My future goal is to involve in an academic career so as I learn and share my expertise to the wider audience of our country. In addition, I have a plan to start a small graphic design school for young people who are eagerly to learn this art and to build their career in this field.

Thank you so much taking your time reading my essay and I will be eagerly waiting for your response.


(Your name)




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