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School Bags for Girls

Updated on August 1, 2013

School Tool, or Fashion Accessory?

School bags are important tools, and help to provide a means of organization, as well as serving to get "things" from here, to there. While younger girls may not pay much mind to such things, older girls will think in terms of what's fashionable. The types and styles of school bags for girls run the gamut, ranging from favorite childhood characters, to simple and colorful images, as with the butterfly backpack pictured at left, to interesting patterns, as with the popular plaids that have taken the school bag providers by storm.

Picking out a strong school bag is important, particularly for older children, who have more books and materials to tote around. For the younger crowd, a school bag is more an issue of what character is best liked. Maturity and age will impact the choice you make, to some degree, as older children tend to shy away from those childhood cartoon characters, and as favorite colors and styles become more important.

Butterfly School Bag

Toddler and Pre-School Bags for Girls

Your youngest daughters will be more prone to love characters from favorite cartoons, or movies. Toddlers will generally be happy with whatever you choose, though you may run into a strong will, occasionally. Pre-schoolers are a little more verbal and opinionated, and will make their wishes quite clear. There are many popular characters, some more enduring, and some passing in popularity. Following are some great favorites.

Hello Kitty Small Mini Toddler BackpackCHECK AVAILABILITY

Hello Kitty School Bags for Girls

Hello Kitty is fun, and cute, and has been around for decades! Very recognizable, and perfect for a toddler, pre-schooler, or early elementary aged girl. One important note, there are some backpacks shaped as a stuffed Hello Kitty, and while these are cute and trendy, they aren't good choices as school bags. Keep that sort of backpack in mind for a fun travel accessory, but skip it, when it comes to school bags.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Large Pink Backpack with Insulated Lunch Tote Bag 2 pieces bag
Sanrio Hello Kitty Large Pink Backpack with Insulated Lunch Tote Bag 2 pieces bag

Many of the Hello Kitty choices for girls are based on the pink background, and this is one of many examples that you will find. Look for sturdy construction and a few pouches for organizational needs.

Hello Kitty Black Backpack
Hello Kitty Black Backpack

One of the neat alternatives in Hello Kitty school bags for girls involves more contemporary color pairings as in this example.


School Bag Bundles - Hello Kitty Backpack with School Supplies

Look for everything in one set with options like paired book bags and supply sets.

Dora the Explorer School Bags for Girls

Dora the Explorer has been a huge favorite with my daughter, particularly in her pre-school and toddler years. As she is moving toward the end of kindergarten, though, she is losing interest in Dora. For every child, their attention and interest in a particular character will vary. Dora is a great personality, with outstanding bi-lingual instruction on a simple level worked into the television programming. If your daughter or grandaughter loves Dora the Explorer, there are a lot of fun Dora school bags.

Dora the Explorer Children's School Backpack - Dora and Boots with Flowers
Dora the Explorer Children's School Backpack - Dora and Boots with Flowers

This is one of many examples that are'll find many more relevant options offered as you examine the organizational and color characteristics of this vibrant Dora backpack for girls.


Early Elementary School Bags

Find Disney Princess School Bags

In my own household, my kindergardener has moved into a definite Princess phase...she loves everything to do with princesses, and Disney Princess products are a favorite. There is a great variety of Disney Princess bags for girls, and there are some fun bundles, as with this backpack/lunchbag coordinated set.

Disney Princesses Princess Tiana and the Frog Cinderella Belle Sleeping Beauty
Disney Princesses Princess Tiana and the Frog Cinderella Belle Sleeping Beauty

Purple princess themes are fun, and the purple background of this example is ideal for the girl who loves the hue.

Disney Princess 12" Backpack with Lunch Bag
Disney Princess 12" Backpack with Lunch Bag

Look for matched sets of lunch boxes and school backpacks.


Tinkerbell School Bags

Tinkerbell often gets lumped together with the Disney Princesses, but is a fun character apart from the Princess theme, also quite popular with elementary aged school girls.

Tinkerbell Girls Backpack Disney Back to School 16" BAG Full Sized
Tinkerbell Girls Backpack Disney Back to School 16" BAG Full Sized

My niece has a Tink backpack, and it's perfect for her personality...great choice for the spunky girl!


Upper Elementary School Bags

Upper elementary aged girls may love trends and real life characters. Though Hannah Montana is a little bit out of the limelight, this is the age group that most gravitated to Hannah gear, and later, to the Jonas Brothers. Currently, Justin Bieber is pretty popular, though as time passes, no doubt, the next young popular star will fill that spot.

At upper elementary ages, simple, yet colorful is a great alternative to popular characters, when it comes to school bags.

Justin Bieber School Bags

An excellent choice for the girl who loves the superstar, a Justin Bieber school bag allows her to express her interests.

One Direction School Bags

If your young lady loves One D, then this is an optimal theme for her book bag for the'll find many more styles and designs represented as you check out those shown here, and you're far more likely to find an agreeable option online.

Middle and High School Bags for Girls

Plaids, Solids, Prints....Simple, not childish, but colorful and fun, there are lots of possibilities, with the messenger bag style becoming a great alternative to the traditional use of a backpack as a school bag. Skip characters at this age.

Plaid Backpacks

Plaids are very popular, and you'll appreciate the variety of styles for their benefits in organization and durability.

Pink Plaid Cross Body Sling Messenger Backpack / Outdoor Daypack Bag
Pink Plaid Cross Body Sling Messenger Backpack / Outdoor Daypack Bag

One strap backpacks can work well if you are careful to consider sizing. Light loads are suitable to these sling packs.

Dakine Garden Pack - Autumn Plaid
Dakine Garden Pack - Autumn Plaid

There are many beautiful plaid options from Dakine, and you'll find contemporary color combinations like chocolates and pinks or purples in the line.


Plaid Messenger School Bags

I think that the messenger is the ideal choice for middle school, especially if you are dealing with a daughter who is a bit on the disorganized side. The bag is more like a book in orientation, making it easier to keep folders and papers stored neatly. The wide opening of a messenger tote makes it less difficult to put things away or retrieve them, making the stuffing syndrome less of a problem.

OGIO Street City Corp Messenger Bag (Pink Plaid)
OGIO Street City Corp Messenger Bag (Pink Plaid)

Look for fun color choices and multiple handle designs.


Pink Messenger School Bags

Pink bags are great, but make sure that the design of your messenger is suitable for your daughter's needs. Look for durable carrying straps, sturdy material and multiple pouches for organizational issues.

School Bags For Girls: What are your faves?

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    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      I still love Hello Kitty bags and backpacks :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      north face' victoria secret love pink totes, no girl i know would use the backpacks listed here

    • malena10 profile image

      malena10 5 years ago

      Really cute bags for little girls! :)