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Science and Nature Trivia Quiz

Updated on March 22, 2018

Science has been around a long time, archaeological record will prove that the Babylonians and Sumerian civilisation had a grasp of medicine, astronomy, mathematics and even engineering. The progress of science from then can now be seen around us.

Toasters, glass, bicycles, mobile phones, computers, cars, light bulbs and all the gadgets and machines we use everyday are the results of scientific discoveries. Our knowledge of medicines, nature, light and sound all comes from science.

Sometimes we take for granted the things that surrounds us, test how well you listen to your science teacher when you're in school or just how observant you are. Liven up you family gathering, entertain your friends, or just another way to test your wits. Try these three set of nature and science trivia quiz.

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What is the common name for a flower's colorful corolla?

What is the common name for a flower's colorful corolla? Answer: Petals
What is the common name for a flower's colorful corolla? Answer: Petals

Science and Nature Trivia Quiz - Set 2

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What is a tailess cat called?

Manx is a tailess cat.
Manx is a tailess cat.

Science and Nature Trivia Quiz - Set 3

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I hope you enjoy this science and nature trivia quiz.... You can also try another Science Trivia Quiz here.

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Thank you and do come back for more trivia quiz.

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      science trivia adds more info for helps me in preparation for science festival

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      up & useful! Well written and challenging...