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My Science eBooks - Use Them in Any Way You Please!

Updated on August 29, 2012

A lil introduction about myself and my fetish for Science

Hi, I am Kalpana Iyer. I am from South India and in my spare time I love creating pages on Squidoo and Hubpages on anything and everything of my own interest.

I used to love doing Science related experiments as a kid. I was not a topper in studies or anything but I did spend some ample time at home and my school labs trying out new experiments. I liked to see how they ended up working out. Because of this very fetish, I collected a lot of Science experiments at the time. I believe that even if I didn't concentrate a lot in class, I was still able to learn quite a bit because of my interest in doing experiments.

Thankfully I didn't discard off my Science notes (just to make available for my kids in future), so when I first started creating lenses on Squidoo I decided to share these notes and experiments to parents and kids who are looking out for free info. I have shared a lot of info at Squidoo, all for free of course. Many of my Science lenses are now in the top two tiers at the moment.

I hadn't really categorized anything while creating pages and pages of Science experiments, so I decided I will make ebooks on them, include experiments which I hadn't included on my lenses or hubs and then give them away.

I have two ebooks to give away currently. You can either use them as a learning guide or if you want you can use the content on your website after a little modification. I am not much of a fan of direct copy/pastes hence the request for modifying the content and making it unique to your report/site.

Read on to know more about these ebooks.

5 Water Experiments Science eBook
5 Water Experiments Science eBook

My First Science eBook - 5 Water Experiments

'5 Water Experiments' is my first Science ebook. This ebook includes the following experiments -

  1. Trapped In The Bottle
  2. Soaking Through
  3. Making Water Clean
  4. Finding Out About Ice
  5. Looking at Osmosis

Total Words - 961

Price - $5

What You Can Do With This Book

  • Use it as a learning guide
  • Use the content on your webpage/site/report or anywhere else after modification or rewriting
  • Give away as a bonus but don't forget to change the title of the book while you do so!

In short -- you can do anything and everything with this ebook except reselling the ebook in itself!

Fun Science Experiments Science eBook - Atoms & Molecules
Fun Science Experiments Science eBook - Atoms & Molecules

My Second Science eBook - Fun Science Experiments on Atoms and Molecules

'Fun Science Experiments on Atoms and Molecules' is the second ebook compiled by me. In this book, you will find the following experiments -

  1. Sorting metals and non-metals
  2. Testing Acids and Alkalis
  3. Jumping Molecules
  4. Warming air and water
  5. Can you believe your eyes?
  6. Testing changes
  7. Making gas
  8. New elements from salt water
  9. How to make copper move through vinegar

Some of these experiments come with rough diagrammatic representations too so that you can get a clear idea of how the entire experiment is conducted.

Total Words - More than 2000

Price - $18

Bonus - My Water Experiments Science eBook (Limited)

What You Can Do With This Science eBook

  • Use as a learning guide.
  • Use the content on your website/page/report after modification or rewriting.

What You Cannot Do With This Science eBook

  • Give away as a bonus.
  • Resell the ebook.

Get this one-of-a-kind Science eBook with FREE bonus from the link below -

Looking for Science Experiments in a Particular Category? Let me know!

Contact me at with subject - "Science Experiments Needed" if you're looking for experiments in any particular category. I just might have them!


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