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secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet

Updated on January 13, 2016


This is just a taste of the depth of the WORD.

The Hebrew Alphabet started as a picture base, It developed into letters, so each letter reflects a picture in as its basic image. It also has a name. An example is the Hebrew letter that has a "B" sound it has a name Bet and the Bet is a picture tent or house. Each letter also has a numerical value, the bet represents the number is 2. Adding letters together gives you a new sum number an example is - the Hebrew word for Life = 18, which is a very lucky number for Jew because they know it represents "life". Also most words are built on 3 letter roots, so you can get a sense of a word meaning by its root. You may wonder about translation differences, as I have until I learned that each language has its own integrity. You can't easily use word for word translation because of the differences in meaning applied to word. An example could be saying "Good Luck" in Hebrew is actually "Good Stars". If someone said Good Stars to you before a race would you understand what they meant?

As noted each letter has a name a sound and a number. All Hebrew words are not random letters. They are a group of letters that root the word in their meaning. By examining the letters you get essence of its meaning. The word for house is 'BAYIT' which is really only three letters, most words are built on three letter roots, are BET-YOD-TOV. Usually you will hear it pronounced Beth as in Bethlehem, house of bread.

Another interesting thing

There are no written vowels, its like always on short-hand, They need them but they are invisible. Its like with God, WE NEED HIM but HE is invisible and like the vowels that give the consonants character and completeness. GOD gives completeness to each person, adding to his own unique gifts. And just like each group of letters make a word, each group of people equal a family, you can see how all are needed. There is a saying by the Rabbis "when the messiah comes, HE will explain even the spaces between the words. God is very economical, He doesn't waste space! Every word is there for HIS purposes.

The original Torah uses a unique style of Hebrew called STA''M Script. In this type certain letters have a feature called "tagin". Tagin are little spikes on top of special letters, thought of as crowns. One example would be the letter called Zayin which has the Z sound. It has the crown on top. The picture associated with it is a Sword, and the number value is 7. One view of The Zayin with the tagin or crownlets is a picture of God crowning the sword that brings peace. The first letter Aleph is a picture of an ox with a number 1 and is a silent letter. Aleph gets its sound form the invisible vowels associated with it. It is the head of the alphabet so for all these connections it is considered a picture of Father God. There is endless meaning to all the letters and what is hidden within, but all of it is meaningless without a relationship with the Creator and it is only meant to learn and appreciate Him.

A secret revealed The Aleph Tov in Genesis 1 is untranslated. Note the picture below, Why?
Because it is not considered a word. But Jesus said in Greek "I am the Alpha and the Omega" which is the first and last letters of the alphabet. In Hebrew the Aleph and the Tov. You could actually read Genesis 1:1 Beginning created God {the Aleph Tov - Jesus} created.

It is not about knowledge, it is about loving God and knowing we are love by Him. May this spur you on in Him. John 1 "In the beginning was God --- and the word was God" Yeshua - Jesus is our Bet the one to find rest in.

Genesis 1

Jesus the Aleph Tov
Jesus the Aleph Tov | Source

the Sha'atnez gets letters

Shalom TV from the Aleph Bet


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