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Secrets of Venus and Mars - They had live

Updated on April 8, 2013

Secrets of Venus and Mars

If you are one of those interested in knowing more about the universe you got to be fascinated by our two closest neighbors - Venus and Mars. Curiously named after the Alpha-Male God of War and the Incarnation of womanhood the Goddess of Love, Venus and Mars are truly the opposite in what concerns to the atmosphere. This lens will explain some things you may not know about Venus and Mars - Furthermore, it will make you think if, long ago, these planets were populated with life… maybe even intelligent life…. You got to think about it and decide what you believe in.


This planet has many similarities with our Planet Earth, yet it is abandoned and not fit to be colonized anytime soon. Why is that? Because its atmosphere is so dense that the temperature there is really, really higher than on hearth, the planet is dry and full of volcanoes and lava fields etc… If it is this way, why do I say it could have had life, even intelligent life?

This is easy. Venus not always was like this. The atmosphere is so dense it caused Venus to be like it has been today. Venus atmosphere was full of gases because of all the volcanoes producing CO2 and other gases, the mix of the gases made a huge greenhouse effect that slowly dried Venus’s Oceans – That’s right, it had oceans. So the volcanoes and the planet kept exhaling these gases and the planet choked on himself. It is still happening. Imagine what Venus would look like or be like before this choking occurred!

Now think about it:

What if there was an ancient civilization in Venus, like many scientists believe, that got destroyed by their technological progress? Something they made with their knowledge caused the over production of gases. Some big bomb or even many of them caused the crust to falter and volcanoes to erupt everywhere. What if Venus was once a blooming civilization that got to far and destroyed itself? What if a few managed to escape and came to earth and we humans are really from Venus like some scientists said. We have been talking about the greenhouse effect, we know it's plausible that this would happen. Think about it...


Mars is the opposite of Venus. Mars has almost no atmosphere, but scientists discovered an asteroid on the surface of Mars. If Mars didn’t had an atmosphere the asteroid would have hit Mars with its full strength and turn to dust. But the asteroid is intact. The only way this happened was if Mars had an atmosphere like Earth’s that slowed down the asteroid and made it fall slowly, like what happens here on our Planet.

What caused Mars to lose its Earth-like atmosphere? The magnetic field is what keeps the atmosphere in place. Mars core stopped by some reason, and the magnetic field dropped. The sun wind proceeded to make the atmosphere vanish and the oceans froze up. That’s why Mars has those frozen Oceans. Chances are there is life in them. Remains of the life there once was on the whole planet.

Think About It:

If Mars and Venus were similar to Earth a long time ago, what keeps Earth to fall to the same fate? Nothing... there is a lot which we don't understand, but this world is marvelous and I love to live on it.

Opinion Time;

Do you believe that those planets had life?

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