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You Could Call It Instant Self Realization

Updated on September 7, 2012

In my first hub I talked primarily about a man with impaired vision wanting to be able to see better and, not unreasonably, see better right now but, of course, what I really wanted to talk about was the possibility of seeing something that is there all the time and to point out a web site that might help to point that out.

I am on the same track this time because I still want to encourage you to find those spectacles on your forehead and stimulate a change of thinking that might help you to do so.

Never should you hold back from asking questions of direction as long as it gets you along the road to the desired destination and the more undermining of the foundations those questions are the better. So what of the fundaments posed here: seeing and now? Perhaps we can put seeing to the side for another day and merely leave it hanging in the air of paradoxicality that seeing could and most certainly should also encompass that which is not seeable.

What then of now? I am so pleased you asked. Let us begin with a nice illustration of how important it is to keep feeding the ground with questions especially regarding that which we often tend to hold as unquestionable. Terra firma. Nothing more solid and unchanging than that is there? Well, it really depends doesn’t it? Once you have experienced your first moderate earthquake -no need to be a fully fledged house-crushed victim- you can question that completely anew.

Now back to now. Time, ironically perceived as ceaselessly changing, is another of those unquestioned concepts. Past, present and future, right? Wrong! In true and unrelenting real reality folks there is only now. Test it for yourselves. When is there a moment in genuine reality when it isn’t now? I click my fingers and it is now. I click my fingers again and it is still now. Now, now and now. So that is demonstrably reality. This other time continuum is an artifice. Just a useful little contrivance to help us measure things relatively and assist our mind with its constant opportunistic habit of looking to justify its view of the world. Actually nothing wrong with that at all unless you continue to hold fast to the notion that reality is terra firma or that it will be tomorrow, that it was yesterday or that, heaven forbid, it can only ever be something visual.

So why not snap out of the illusion that you are standing firmly on the ground, only that which you physically see is reality, that you are passing along some continuum of a time process whereby what happens tomorrow is in some way different from what happened yesterday? Put reality in its place and then get on with having some fun with your life.

Oh yes and if you want to … you could call this Instant Self Realization and for the genuinely curious among you why not take a look at the youtube video by the same name Instant Self-Realization.

Or this web-site for further inspiration.

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Terra Firma?
Terra Firma?
Terra Firma?


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    • profile image

      JS 8 years ago

      Very interesting article and a must read for those who wish to expand their thinking about this often misunderstood subject. I for one will be checking out the website link in more detail.

      A big thumbs up "The Reality"!!