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Difference among recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation

Updated on July 25, 2014

Three of the term recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation is a post disaster activity. Although three of them have similar objectives but yet these have simply difference. These common objective is to gain a sustainable condition after disaster.

Recovery means an activity to gain a normal condition that was previously existing. That involves rebuilding the infrastructure, treatment of the injured people, replacement of the damages waste.

Reconstruction is also an activity to gain not only a normal condition like previously existing but also more than that including with a plan and rebuilding in such a way that is more better than existing and capable to reduce the future hazards vulnerability.

Rehabilitation is the activity that is done for make enable to the affected population that they can gain the normal condition. With the initial treatment and relief for the injured and victim is the first step of rehabilitation. It is also a first step to recovery and reconstruction. Rehabilitation is an important fact, because of that affected population can take a major participation in recovery and reconstruction process of the affected area.

Another class of rehabilitation may defined as traumatic rehabilitation. After disaster victim peoples suffers from psychological disorder. It is really to happen because most of them loses their valuable assets during disaster. Someone loses their financial assets and someone loses their kith and kins and nearest persons during disaster. They suffers from depression and anxiety. It may causes an unbalanced social structure. Hence a traumatic rehabilitation is required for this affected community. A psychological seminary program is a good example of such kind of rehabilitation.


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