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Disaster mitigation

Updated on July 25, 2014

Disaster mitigation is a concept of disaster management that means an activity to reduce the potential damage of hazards. Disaster mitigation is a pre disaster activity by the community, local govornment or others otganisations in order to reduce the potential damage that can be occur in future disaster in a potential area. To minimize the potential damage there needs a disaster mitigation plan. Mitigation plan may be in national level, state level, city level, regional level or just a specific area level.

To make a mitigation plan the following factors should be take in consideration. These are nature of the hazard, intensity if the hazard, who and which area may be affected, assessment of the vulnerable assets in this area. These assessment helps to make a decision that which activity should take a priority basis. If the wildfires is the potential hazards vulnerable assets of the community is woodhose for destruction. If a decision and action of protecting the fire to spread to this area is a mitigation plan. Or constructing building by breaks in this prone area is a mitigation activity. Making a dam to protect the community from future flooding is a mitigation activity.

Importance of disaster mitigation

The importance of disaster mitigation is increasing day by day.


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