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Search and rescue

Updated on January 8, 2014

Search and Rescue as a activity after disaster for searching the injured, death popualtion for recovery. It is a very complex matter. Trained human resources are required in searc and rescue operation. In search and rescue operation land, air and marine technology and equipment are used on the basis of nature and location of the disaster. Plane crash into a deep jungle if a disaster, there needs to search and rescue operation to save and recovery of the existing lives and also a responsibility to identifying the deaths. In such kinds of search and rescue operation traind armed force is required who is expart to make an operation in jungle or forest. Air technology is also used.

Rescuers means the responsible person for rescue. Rescuers do the risky job during their rescue operation. Besides of searching techniques rescuers must have to trained on how they will defense themselves. Self protection and salf defense techniques is the most important training for a rescuer.

The necessary equipment that must have to take before a rescue operation, is life saving jacket, communication equipments, sufficient food and energy supplement, lighter, battery, oxigen in case of toxic gas protect, in rescue operation under the water oxigen is compulsory.

Only them should send in rescue operation only who is capable to perform the tasks.


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